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The Best Seed Potatoes

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With over 500 varieties of potatoes for the avid gardener to choose from, it can be daunting to figure out which seed potato is right for you and your garden. The process usually depends on what type of flavor and consistency you want from the young or mature potatoes, as well as what you want to use them for, like boiling, mashing, baking or roasting. Potatoes are low-maintenance, cool weather crops that flourish if they are planted at the proper time (usually early spring season). It is best to order seeds from a local garden center or nursery to ensure they are, but make sure to store the seed potatoes in the refrigerator until you plant them. Keep in mind a handful of varieties that are ideal for different methods of cooking.

Best For Boiling

Potatoes are routinely boiled before consumed, which is the most basic method of cooking them. The best seed potatoes for boiling are Celine, Cara, Maris Piper, Pentland Piper, Picasso, Maxine, Romano, Desiree, Pink Fir Apple, King Edward and Kondor.

Best For Baking

Baking potatoes is ideal as a side dish or sliced into french fries or potato chips. The best seed potatoes for baking includes Cosmos, Edzell Blue, Estima, Nadine, Kestrel, Marfona, Arran Victory, Celine, Maris Piper, Pentland Squire, Picasso, Harmony, Sarpo Mira and Stemster.

Best For Roasting

Roasting potatoes is also ideal for potato chips or french fries, as well as if you are roasting them with another meat dish like a pot roast. The best seed potatoes for roasting includes Catriona, Cosmos, Mona Lisa, Osprey, Edzell Blue, Wilja, Arran Victory, Cara, Desiree, Maxine, Picasso, Remarka and Romano.

Best For Mashing

Mashed potatoes range from chunk to light and fluffy, and this all depends on the potatoes you use to create mashed potatoes. The best seed potatoes to make mash are Cosmos, Kestrel, Nadine, Osprey, Merlin, Wilja, Arran Victory, Desiree, Harmony, Kerrs Pink, Pentland Crown, Remarka, Majestic, Sarpo Mira and Stemster.

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