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Homemade Weed & Grass Killer

It is common knowledge that weeds can deprive grass and other plants on your property from the nutrients they need from the soil. Sometimes, though, you may also want to get rid of some of the grass on your property. The grass may be growing in between gaps in your concrete sidewalk, for example. You can use some home methods to get rid of weeds and unwanted grass.

Pour 2 cups of water into a pot and bring it to a boil. Remove the water from the heat and take the pot outside to where you have a small patch of grass or weeds that you want to remove. Poor the boiling water directly on that spot. This will kill even the roots.

Mix salt and vinegar together. Pour the mixture in to a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on any weeds or grass you want to kill. Be careful when using this mixture because it can prevent any type of plants from growing in that area for a few months.

Pour household bleach on weeds and unwanted grass. Bleach is strong, and will kill almost anything. The good news is that you can plant new things in that soil a few days later.

Apply rubbing alcohol if you don't have bleach. Rubbing alcohol is another household item that will kill just about any plant it comes in to contact with, including weeds and grass. There is no need to dilute the rubbing alcohol. Pour it directly on the grass or weeds you want to kill.


Before the spring season, sprinkle corn meal anywhere you don't want weeds to grow. It won't kill weeds, but it does have the ability to prevent weeds from growing in the first place.


Be careful with the boiling water. If you get it on you, it can easily cause severe burns.

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