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How to Change the Strings on a Gas Powered Yard Machine Weed Eater

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Yard Machine is a company that specializes in power tools for use in home lawn care. One of their more popular products is a line of light duty string trimmers that can be used for edging or removing grass in locations that larger mowing machines cannot reach. Regular maintenance of these string trimmers involves replacing the monofilament cutting line that emerges from the rotating trimmer head as it becomes worn. Replacing the line is simple.

Disconnect the power source by pulling the boot off of the spark plug.

Place the string trimmer on a work surface and turn it over to access the cutting head easily.

Grasp the cutting head with one hand and unscrew the bump knob on the end of the cutting head with your other hand. Inspect the bolt and bump knob for damage. If the bump knob and bolt are damaged, purchase a replacement bump knob and bolt before continuing.

Grasp the inner reel with your free hand and pull it out of the cutting head.

Remove the spring from the inner reel. Clean all parts with a clean cloth and inspect it for damages.

Determine whether you have a split line reel or a single line reel. Split line reels have slotted holes and can be used either style. Single line reels have no slotted hole and may only be used single line style.

Cut 20 feet of new string to install a single line. Double it in half and insert each end of string into the holes on the side of the line. Pull the line through the holes so that the loop in the middle rests firmly against the side of the reel.

Wind the lines in tight, even layers around the spool in the direction that the arrows indicate. Do not let the lines overlap. Place the lines in the notches so that there is 6 inches of line free.

Cut a 10 foot length of line to install a split line. Insert the line all the way through one of the holes so that only 4 inches of line is left. Fold this line over and insert it into the second hole. Split the other end of the 10 foot line down the middle for approximately 6 inches. Wind the line in the direction that the arrows indicate. Place the split line into each of the two notches in the spool.

Lace each piece of string through the eyelets in the cutting head. Press the reel, spring side down, into the cutting head and screw the bump knob in place. Pull on the strings to pull them out of the notches.

Reconnect the power source before using the string trimmer.

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