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Types of Greenery Fillers for Flower Arrangements

Grape vine branch image by Zakharchenko from

The foliage of a floral arrangement is quite often thought of last, if at all. Of course, the color palette of the flowers is one of the first considerations. However, the greenery filler is important for the proper enhancement. Arrangement foliage comes in different shades of green; some bright, some deep and some variegated. It is also found in various shapes and sizes. Even small-leafed greenery can look great in a large arrangement if the stalk is long enough and the effect is one of airiness.


Magnolia leaves are glossy, thick leaves. The smaller leaves can be used in bridal bouquets, adding a deep green contrast to white or pale flowers. When dried, Magnolia leaves and branches turn a shade of brown, and are perfect additions to dried flower arrangements or wreaths.


Beargrass has become quite popular in recent years as filler in floral arrangements. It is available in both bright green and variegated varieties. Beargrass is used with one end anchored in the arrangement and then jutting out and over the flowers. It is also used alternately as a loop-shape, where both ends of the beargrass are attached to the base of the arrangement.


Eucalyptus is one of those types of foliage that is beautiful on its own or within an arrangement. It is naturally found in a frosted green. However, it is also processed and preserved to create different color possibilities. When this is done, the foliage is an interesting and attractive enhancement to dried flower arrangements.


Ivy is found in solid green or variegated varieties. It is the perfect enhancement to roses and can even work well in bridal bouquets. Use the variegated variety when it won’t compete with an already busy, multi-colored flower arrangement.


Song leaves are very easy to work with and advised for beginning floral arrangers. The leaves are thick and difficult to damage. They offer a dark green, spiky appearance and are best used with a more substantial, robust arrangement.

Grape Vine

Grape vines offer the shape of movement to the flower arrangement. The bright green leaves and curly-cues of the vine add interest to an arrangement that has just one or two color combinations. To increase the height of this vine plant, add long taped floral wire to the ends so the rambling vine can encircle other aspects of the arrangement.

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