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Herbicides to Kill Bahia Grass

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Aggressive plants, such as bahiagrass, destroy lawns and landscapes by taking over areas of desirable plants. Bahiagrass protects against soil erosion in areas near roads and waterways. This grass spreads quickly to nearby yards, parks and landscapes, causing weed problems in these maintained areas. Remove this type of weed by eliminating seeds and existing plants, including roots and leaves. Several types of herbicides control bahiagrass.

Pre-emergent Herbicide

This class of herbicide kills weed seeds in the soil. Bahiagrass produces seeds that spread over the soil and germinate in warm temperatures. Reduce the viability of dormant seeds by applying a pre-emergent herbicide before seeds sprout. Atrizine, a pre-emergent herbicide effectively kills bahiagrass seeds in lawns containing centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass. This herbicide works best in temperatures near 70 degrees F.

Post-emergent Herbicide

Post-emergent herbicides work by killing growing weeds. Bahiagrass also spreads through the formation of rhizomes. While killing seeds with pre-emergent herbicides reduces the amount of new weed sprouts, post-emergent herbicides kill established weeds in yards and lawns. Apply these herbicides starting in May. Use a type of post-emergent herbicide formulated for use with your established lawn. Sethoxydim is one herbicide that suppresses bahiagrass in centipedegrass. This herbicide requires a repeat application about three weeks after the first application. Bonide MSMA Crabgrass Killer effectively kills bahiagrass in lawns containing Bermuda grass and tall fescue. Landscape professionals treat bahiagrass with metsulfuron. This herbicide works will on lawns with zoysiagrass.

Non-selective Herbicide

This type of herbicide kills all vegetation in a treated area. Non-selective herbicides perform well on areas of concrete and gravel to remove all traces of weeds and grasses. Avoid using these harsh chemicals near trees, shrubs and flowers. Water disbursement often spreads non-selective herbicides to nearby plants, causing death or damage to many species. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and Quick Kill Grass & Weed Killer, requires careful placement when spot treating individual stands of bahiagrass in lawns. Avoid contact with nearby grass by spraying directly in the center of the stand of bahiagrass. Avoid spot treating weeds in lawns on windy days. Bahiagrass often requires numerous treatments with glyphosate.

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