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Homemade Insect Spray for Lawns

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No one likes to see her beautiful lawn taken over by an insect infestation. Unfortunately, many of the insecticides on the market today contain harsh chemicals, which are harmful to the environment and any humans or animals that may come in contact with them. If you wish to rid your lawn of insects, but want to avoid turning your grass into a toxic hazard, a homemade insect spray, containing natural ingredients, is a safer alternative.

Add 1 tablespoon of liquid soap to 1 quart of water. The liquid soap can be any type of commercial dish soap. Mix together thoroughly.

Pour mixture into a lawn sprayer or spray bottle. Ensure the sprayer is clean and has no leftover chemical residue left inside from previous products.

Add insect-specific ingredients. This is optional, but if you are targeting a specific type of insect, certain natural additives can increase the effectiveness of your insect spray.

Spray the lawn. Generously spray your lawn with the soap and water mixture. You can give your entire lawn a coating, or spot-treat for insects, such as ant hills.

Repeat the application, if needed, a few days later to kill any insects that may remain after the initial treatment.


Ants are naturally repelled by citrus oil. Place citrus peels or citrus essential oil in water and allow it to steep for a day or two before application.


Do not apply the insect spray if rain is forecast in the immediate future. Rain will wash away the mixture and render its application ineffective.

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