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The Best Flowers for Partial Sun

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Starting and maintaining a beautifully landscaped garden involves growing your plants according to the amount of sunlight they need. Plants that thrive in partial sun, planted in various parts of your yard, provide you with variation in looks, scent and appeal. From vibrant perennials to delicate annual blossoms, partial sun flowers beautify your environment.


red amaryllis image by Dagmara Czechowska from

A bulbous perennial flower resembling a day lily, amaryllis provides partially shaded areas with touches of fragrant beauty. The flowers sit atop long, slender stems that produce wispy spring-green foliage as well. Colors of the amaryllis blossom vary from white and yellow to shades of pink and deep red. Grow amaryllis flowers in rows along partially shaded borders, or near vine-covered trellises. Sandy soil enriched with peat moss and kitchen compost makes for a well-drained environment in which the bulb thrives.


begonia image by Maria Brzostowska from

Common in hanging baskets and patio planter boxes, begonia flowers bloom in a wide variety of colors in partial shade. From deep shades of pink and red to vibrant and cheerful tones of white and yellow, begonia flowers boast a bold appearance atop their short stems. The foliage is dense and deep green. Plant begonias in a planter or at the base of bush plants like rose and lilac to shield them from direct sunlight.


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Hailing from the African continent in regions such as Mozambique, the impatiens plant serves as an attractive annual planter flower for partially shaded areas. Popularly grown in windowsills and indoor containers, impatiens present low-growing foliage of bright-green and flowers that vary in color from white and pink to red and royal purple. Black humus-rich soil and warm temperatures keep the plant alive and thriving.

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