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List of Exotic Mexican Flowers

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The temperate and tropical regions of Mexico give rise to its vast array of exotic Mexican flowers. Its native flora includes vibrantly colored flowers that have striking presentations. Beyond the beauty of Mexico's flowers are the preservation efforts to protect the natural habitats of these flowering species for Mexico's future generations.

Dahlia Pinnata

Dahlia pinnata, a member of the Asteraceae (aster or daisy) family, is the national flower of Mexico. Dahlia pinnate is a bushy perennial flowering plant that comes from Mexico's mountain regions. Dahlia pinnata thrives in rich soils and full sun. It grows to 39 inches in height and blooms from summer through fall. Its flowers bloom in many colors and deadheading the plant promotes further growth and blossoms.

Tigridia Augusta

Tigridia augusta is a member of the Iridaceae or Iris family. Native to the highlands or altiplano of Mexico's central region, Tigridia augusta blooms in May during the area's rainy season. The striking flowers of this plant resemble the coat of a tiger or leopard.

Gentian Sage

Gentian sage (Salvia patens) belongs to the Lamiaceae or mint family. Native to the Sierra de Guanajuato mountain range area in Mexico, gentian sage produces bold turquoise blue flowers that bloom from July through November. The exotic shape of the flowers resembles a parrot's beak. It prefers to grow in full sun and moist to semi-dry soil, and frequent deadheading also extends its blooming period.

Calochortus Balsensis

Native to the high areas of the mountains near the coasts in Oaxaca and Guerrero, Calochortus balsensis is a member of the Liliaceae or lily family that produces bold yellow and purple drooping flowers. The plant grows to 28 inches in height, and each stem has up to four flowers. Calochortus balsensis thrives in the high heat and humid conditions of the areas tropical climate. Receiving a lot of rain in the summertime, this flower does well in moist soil conditions.

Calochortus Baratus

A cousin of Calochortus balsensis, this flower is also a member of the Liliaceae family that grows in Mexico's high elevation and valley regions. It is a widely distributed flower that requires moist soil and full sun. According to the Pacific Bulb Society, it is particularly found in the Pinus-Quercus forest and the Quercus forest, as well as in open fields and along roadsides. The six petals of its exotic flowers have alternating patterns--three petals with brown colorations in the foreground and three solid yellow petals in the background.

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