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How to Restring a Ryobi Weed Eater

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A Ryobi Weed Eater is a line of string trimmers that use monofilament string for light duty trimming of grass or weeds. The trimmer relies on the velocity that the line travels as it is rotated by a central hub in the cutting head of the machine to mow down grass, weeds and other objects. As you use your trimmer, the line will quickly wear and need replacement. Replacing a line in a RyobiWeed Eater is simple enough that the operator can do it without a repair specialist.

Disconnect the spark plug for gas powered machines by pulling the spark plug boot away from the back. Remove the battery or unplug an electric machine.

Place the Weed Eater on the ground so that the cutting head is facing upward.

Grasp the hub of the cutting head in one hand. Place your other hand on top of the spool retainer and unscrew it. Ryobi manufactures some of their spool retainers to loosen counterclockwise and some to loosen clockwise. If the spool retainer seems to tighten when you turn it counterclockwise, then immediately turn it clockwise to loosen and remove it.

Pull the spool away from the hub by grasping it around the edges and pulling it straight up. You will notice a spring attached to this spool. Leave the spring attached to the spool.

Remove any old line from the spool. With a clean cloth, wipe away grass particles and pollen from the spool, hub and spool retainer.

Cut two pieces of monofilament line into nine-foot long pieces. Insert the first line into the anchor hole that is in the spool on the side closest to the spring. Wind the line in a counterclockwise direction around the upper part of the spool. Leave a six- inch piece of line to trail and insert the line into the notch on the upper side of the spool.

Insert the second line into the anchor hole on the lower side of the spool. Wind the line in a counterclockwise direction on the lower side of the spool. Leave a six-inch trailing piece and insert the line into the second notch.

Turn the spool so that the spring points downward. Insert each trailing piece of line into the eyelets in the side of the hub. Place the spool into the hub with the spring surrounding the shaft of the hub. Pull on the strings until they pull free of the notches. Press the spool down and turn it counterclockwise until it snaps in place and will no longer turn.

Screw the spool retainer back onto the end of the hub. Pull the strings again to rotate the hub into the cutting position. Reattach the spark plug or plug in the battery or electrical cord.


Purchase replacement line made specifically by Ryobi. The company color-codes their replacement line to make locating the right size easy.

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