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How to Keep Squirrels Out of My Peach Tree

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If you have ever seen a bunch of massacred peaches on the ground or discovered bites taken out of the fruit still on the tree, you know that squirrels are nearby. Not only do squirrels make a mess, but they ruin peaches that have not even had the chance to ripen. Fortunately, solutions to this problem do exist. By using a combination of tactics, keep squirrels out of your peach tree to ensure that you have a successful harvest.

Trim the branches of your peach tree away from fences, garages or other areas that give squirrels access to your tree.

Wrap sheet metal that is at least 2 feet wide and 4 to 6 feet away from the ground around the trunk of your tree. Squirrels cannot climb up this slippery material.

Hang bags of human or dog hair from the limbs of your tree. These predator scents help deter squirrels. Additionally, hang mothballs near large groups of peaches because the squirrels detest this smell.

Spray a squirrel repellent solution (available at garden centers and hardware stores) on your peach tree. Sprays typically contain fox urine, which scares squirrels away, and capsaicin--a chile pepper ingredient that squirrels do not like the taste of.

Consider getting a cat or dog to chase the squirrels away when they enter your property.

Rid Of Squirrels

Has your yard become a playground for squirrels? they’re cute and playful, right? They will dig up flowers, eat your greens and pluck the fruit off of your trees. Before using any type of substance to deter squirrels, research ingredients to be sure you select something non-toxic. It’s not only entertaining, It's surprisingly effective. A squirrel may see Fido or Felix as its foe, and will feel threatened enough to stay away when challenged. Despite what some animal lovers may think, squirrels are not appropriate pets, so resist the urge to feed them. This includes cat food, bird food and any other scraps that may be lying around. Another effective approach to show squirrels the exit is to look in your kitchen. Sprinkle cayenne pepper, pepper flakes and garlic around your yard and garden, being sure to saturate the areas that squirrels frequent the most. In addition to picking up fruit, nuts or acorns that have fallen to the ground, you might want to rake the areas around the trees in order to prevent squirrels from finding their next stash of goodies. You can also put netting over your plants and mulch around the area the squirrels are damaging. When they pass by the sensor, the sprinkler will turn on and douse the squirrels with an unwanted shower. Yes, they are small, but squirrels are also mighty. If you have garbage outside without lids, you need to get a lid and secure it. Using bungee cords or a heavy rock, brick or piece of metal set on top of garbage cans keeps the lids secure.

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