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Directions to Grow Schefflera Cuttings

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Schefflera plants are popular as indoor plants because of their easy care requirements. In USDA zones 10 and 11, a schefflera plant can be grown outdoors. Schefflera plants can reach several feet in height and width if left alone, so most owners will prune their schefflera to shape it and keep it the desired size. Pruning your schefflera gives you an opportunity to start new schefflera plants from the cuttings you pruned from your original plant.

Cut the top 6 inches from one of your schefflera plant stems. Trim any lower leaves off the stem, leaving the leaves on at the top. Where you cut the stem piece to be propagated, re-cut the end with a sharp knife so the end has a 45-degree angle.

Dip the cut end of your schefflera cutting in powdered root hormone. Although not absolutely necessary, using powdered root hormone on the end of your schefflera cutting before planting will help it establish roots quicker.

Plant your schefflera cutting in a pot that is filled with perlite or vermiculite. Your cutting should be planted 2 to 3 inches deep into the perlite or vermiculite. Add enough water to moisten the planting medium without water-logging it.

Cover your potted schefflera cutting with a large plastic bag and secure it around the pot with a rubber band. By using a plastic bag around your planted cutting you will be increasing the humidity level for your schefflera. While your schefflera cutting is growing new roots, make sure you continue to check the moisture level of the planting medium to keep it moist. This is a critical factor for successful rooting of your schefflera cutting.

Place your potted schefflera cutting in a bright lit location that will have a temperature range of 65 to 75 degrees F. Avoid placing your schefflera cutting in direct sunlight, as this will build up too much heat within the plastic bag and potentially burn the foliage of your schefflera cutting.


It will take several months for your schefflera cutting to grow adequate roots before you can transplant it to regular potting soil. Transplanting your schefflera cutting too soon may kill it. A way to test whether your schefflera cutting has grown strong roots is, after two months of growing in perlite, gently pull on the plant by the stem. If you feel resistance, it means your cutting has developed a good root system and can be transplanted. If the schefflera cutting easily moves up as you gently pull, it still needs to remain in the perlite, under the plastic bag, with moisture.

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