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Bushes That Grow 10 Feet Tall

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Many bushes grow 10 feet tall. A number of popular varieties produce striking blossoms. Although some 10 foot tall bushes will grow in full sun, many do best when protected by taller trees or buildings. When selecting your bush, consider whether it may need pruning to keep it under 10 feet, as is the case with some camellias. However, if your goal is a minimum of 10 feet and you don't mind a taller bush, pruning may not be necessary.

Azalea & Rhododendron

Azaleas are a popular variety of rhododendron that can grow to more than 10 feet tall. Although most rhododendrons produce flowers with 10 or more stamens, azaleas only have five stamens. Azalea flowers are funnel shaped, rather than the usual bell shape of most rhododendrons. How tall your azaleas or rhododendrons will grow depends on your location. In coastal locations, such as the Pacific Northwest, some azaleas and rhododendrons will easily exceed 10 feet. In the south, in places like South Carolina, azaleas and rhododendrons can also grow to well over 10 feet. Azaleas and rhododendrons grow best in acidic soil. Keep your azaleas and rhododendrons moist, especially during hot summer dry spells. Plant your azaleas and rhododendrons in light-to-moderate shade or under taller trees that will filter the sun. Azaleas grow in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hardiness zones 6 through 11.

Butterfly Bushes

Butterfly bushes grow between 5 and 15 feet high, depending on local growing conditions. This fast-growing bush requires full sun and is considered a moderate water-needs plant, meaning that it can tolerate some drought and is suitable for a balanced xeriscaped environment. The butterfly bush is deciduous and will lose its leaves during cold winters. Butterfly bushes grow in USDA hardiness zones 6b to 8. The butterfly bush is tolerant of many soil types, including clay, sand and loam-based soils. It grows fine in soils that are both slightly acidic and slightly alkaline.


Camellias are cold hardy in USDA hardiness zones 7 and 8, with some varieties able to survive in zone 6. Camellias can grow much taller than 10 feet; many varieties require pruning to maintain that height. Camellias do best in slightly acidic soil that drains well. Plant camellias in late fall or early spring for best results. Camellias do best in partial shade, and don't like direct sun in the early morning or in the afternoon. However, red flowering camellias are more sun tolerant than the more tender pink and white flowered varieties.

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