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How to Repot an Asparagus Fern

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While asparagus fern may resemble traditional ferns in some ways, it is actually part of the lily plant family. Despite this minor detail, asparagus ferns make thriving and attractive houseplants and planting container greenery. With minimal care, an asparagus fern will grow rapidly and spread its green foliage as far as possible in a flowerpot. Repot an asparagus fern to a larger container when it outgrows its current container.

Assess the growing conditions of the asparagus fern as it grows in its current container. When the roots grow to within 1/2 inch of the edges of the container, the plant is too crowded in the container.

Fill the larger planting container approximately halfway with potting soil.

Place the asparagus fern in its current container gently on its side and roll the container back and forth while pressing on the sides of the container with your hands. Continue pressing on the container as you roll it to loosen the asparagus fern from the pot.

Invert the container carefully to dislodge the asparagus fern from the container.

Place the asparagus fern into the new container, making sure the top of the plant will be just below the rim of the new container.

Add additional potting soil around the asparagus fern to fill the container to the rim. Press gently onto the potting soil to firm it around the asparagus fern.

Water the asparagus fern generously immediately after you repot it.

Place the container in a location that receives bright and direct sunlight.

Potting An Asparagus Fern

Select a pot with drainage holes in the bottom. It should be large enough to fit the asparagus fern and the root ball comfortably with a few inches to spare around the edges. The pot size depends on the size of the plant. Separate the bulbs carefully to avoid cutting or damaging the foliage. Fill pots with equal parts sterile potting soil, sand and peat moss. A small amount of leaf mold can be added to the mix for an extra boost, but it isn't required. If it feels dry at a depth of 1 inch, water it. Keep asparagus ferns in an area with 40 to 50 percent humidity.

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