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Ideas for Planting Strawberry Pots

By Amy Deemer ; Updated September 21, 2017

The strawberry pot is a planter that has holes scattered around the side and is commonly used for growing strawberries. You will find that strawberry jars make excellent containers for a variety of plants. Fill these versatile pots with flowers, succulents, cacti or herbs and place them around your decks, patios and porches. To ensure a successful strawberry pot garden, choose compatible plants that have the same soil and lighting requirements.

Planting Recommendations

Choose a strawberry pot that has proper drainage. Cover holes with screen or cloth to keep the soil in and allow the water to flow out. Filled strawberry pots are heavy; place the pot at the location where you'd like it to stay before adding soil and plants. Avoid using gravel or rocks on the bottom of the pot as they tend to slow or stop drainage. Use a well-drained potting soil and mix a time-release fertilizer into the soil. Fill the pot to the bottom of the first set side holes. Place plants into the first holes, spreading the roots into the soil. Add more soil and fill to the next holes and repeat the planting process. You can add crumpled newspaper or moss around the plants to prevent the soil from washing out of holes when watered.


Fill your strawberry jars with a mixture of compatible flowers to create spectacular displays of color and scent. Geraniums, sedum, salvia and petunias are a good choices for strawberry pots that will spend most of the time sitting in areas of full to partial sun exposure. Shade loving impatiens and begonias thrive in strawberry jars that are placed in cooler areas of your back porch or deck. Heliotrope, lemon verbena, sweet alyssum, mini-roses and carnations allow you to create an sweetly fragrant strawberry pot garden that makes an interesting centerpiece for tables at a garden party or an outdoor bridal shower.

Cacti and Succulents

Plant a variety of succulents and cacti in your strawberry pot to create an easy-to-care for garden. Jade plants, hen-and-chicks, string of pearl and sedum are succulents that thrive in containers. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter cacti plants all bloom at different times of the season and provide your strawberry pots with abundant blooms throughout the season. Most members of the cacti and succulent families need to be placed in areas where they will have at least 14 hours of sun exposure each day. Succulents and cacti can sustain long periods of drought and neglect. Ideally, cactus and succulent plants are watered only enough to prevent withering and shrinkage.


Create an Italian herb garden for your kitchen by filling a strawberry pot with basil, rosemary, oregano and parsley. Grow a fragrant herb garden in your strawberry pot by planting lavender, sage, lemon balm and verbena. Plant chamomile, mint, rosehips and jasmine in a strawberry jar and use them to make your own herbal teas. Select herb plants that are young and place your strawberry pot herb garden in areas of your kitchen, front porch or patio that are well lit to ensure proper growth.