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The Best Reblooming Daylilies

Summer is here image by swanem from

Reblooming daylilies are among the easiest flowers to grow and are suitable for most garden spaces. They are tough, adaptable, perennial plants which perform well in poor soils as well as good soils. Reblooming varieties blossom the entire summer. They are drought tolerant and also grow well in slightly moist soils. They multiply each year and need to be divided every three to four years. Older varieties spread more rapidly. There are both dwarf and standard varieties.

Orange-yellow Flower

king george daylily image by Brenda Carson from

This beautiful rebloomer has a maroon inner blossom on an orange-yellow bell shaped flower. The petal edges are slightly crimped, giving it a ruffled look. ‘Black Eyed Susan’ is one of the most consistent bloomers in northern climates, and is hardy in many growing zones. Daylilies need to be divided every three to four years. Dig up the clump and divide it into three portions for re-planting.

White Flower

‘White Perfection’ grows to 30 inches at a medium rate. It begins blooming in mid-summer and continues until the fall. The foliage is shades of green, and the flower a pure white. This daylily grows well in containers in full or partial shade of four to six hours per day. It grows in most soils and has low water needs. Container grown daylilies need to be divided every three to four years using the same method as garden daylilies.

Peach Flower

Daylily variety "Maltese Cross". image by Sharon Day from

The ‘Along the Way’ daylily has 5-inch, peach-pink flowers with a red center. This plant is well suited for many environments, including polluted city air. It grows well on slopes, dry soil and near pavement that is salted in winter. This daylily is a very vigorous grower.

Lavender Flower

Purple daylily image by Bluegill from

A bright pink-lavender, 7-inch flower is the outstanding feature on the daylily variety called ‘Advance Party.' The pink petals fade to a yellow inner color. It blooms from early through mid-summer and is one of the earliest to begin blooming. This lily needs four to six hours of sun per day, either full or part-shade. The height it reaches is 28 inches, and the foliage is green.

Lemon-yellow Flower

Beautiful vibrant daylily variety "Misty Moonlight". image by Sharon Day from

‘Beauty to Behold’ opens its blossoms at night, and they continue into the next day. It has semi-evergreen foliage and a very high bud-count on each stem. The creamy lemon yellow flowers are 5 inches across, and the plant grows at a medium rate. For country dwellers, this daylily is rabbit-resistant. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

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