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Vegetables That Like Moist Soil

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017
Vegetables are essential for healthy and delicious meals.

Water-loving vegetables such as tomatoes are a garden staple and summer favorite. Summer vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers require a moderate amount of water during high heat to ensure they ripen properly. Most vegetables that require a high moisture content also need full sun to produce their harvest. When the young vegetables are starting out, be sure to water them on a daily basis, especially during consistently high-temperature days.


Cherry tomatoes have a sweet, candy-like taste.

With dozens of varieties to choose from–like sweet gold 100 and early girl–tomatoes are ideal in fresh salads. Large tomatoes (beefsteak and brandywine) are ideal slicer tomatoes for sandwiches.

Tomato plants like moist soils. When planting tomatoes inside containers, daily watering is necessary, especially during hot summer days. Fertilize tomatoes every three to four weeks during the growing season to ensure a healthy and abundant crop.


Peppers are grown in dozens of varieties.

Grown in a wide range of varieties, peppers are bush plants that grow 1 to 4 feet high. Classified as hot or sweet, they thrive in summer temperatures and require a long growing season. They also need warm soil and consistent outdoor temperatures. Sweet peppers like the red bell pepper have a large shape and are ideal used in sautes or salads. Hot peppers range in temperatures and sizes, like the small habanero pepper or the skinny, long Anaheim pepper. Both are perfect for chili or stews. Peppers require regular moisture to keep the plants healthy. Regular watering and fertilizer help to create a perfect vegetable.


Cucumbers are ideal in salads and sandwiches.

Cucumbers are warm-season vegetables that require a moderate amount of moisture. Cucumbers are sprawling, creeping vines that meander through the garden. They require plenty of space, at least 20 feet inside the garden. Cucumbers require full sun and liquid, nutrient-laden fertilizer every three to four weeks.


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