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How to Grow Corn in a Greenhouse

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Corn on the cob is a favorite part of BBQs, tailgating, family gatherings and picnics. This crop cane easily be grown at home, and even in places without year-round warm weather, if you're able to grow it in a greenhouse. Doing so requires some simple materials, but most importantly, a greenhouse, which can be hard to obtain.

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Prepare your greenhouse planting site. Corn requires full sun to grow, so your greenhouse will need clear glass or growing lights. Also make sure you have a greenhouse fan or windows that can open, as corn is pollinated via wind.

Combine equal parts composted manure, organic material (such as grass and leaves) and good quality potting soil in a growing tray, or dig a hole approximately 3 fee deep and fill the hole with this mixture.

Plant the corn seeds about 1 inch into the soil and 4 inches apart (seed is available at nurseries and garden stores). Keep the rows of corn 1 foot apart.

Water the seeds often to keep them moist, but not soaked. Since greenhouses are controlled growing, you can use irrigation systems to do this.

Continue to water your corn plants this way until they are about knee high. At this point, use a nitrogen supplement fertilizer and mulch around the base to protect the roots.

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