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How to Care for a White Ginger Plant

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Whether you are growing white ginger plants in your landscape or as a houseplant, under proper care this tropical plant will reward you with a delightful, long lasting fragrance and a beautiful flower that is shaped like a butterfly. Native to India and Indonesia, the white ginger plant is a delightful, tropical plant that is easy to grow and can reach a height of 6 feet.

Locate your white ginger plant where it will be in partial shade, receiving no more than two hours of direct, morning sunlight, or full shade. In its natural environment white ginger grows and blooms under the heavy tree canopy of the jungle, receiving filtered sunlight. For better growth and flowering, white ginger cannot be placed in strong sunlight.

Grow white ginger in organically rich, loamy soil that drains well. If your soil is sandy, or has clay in it, you will need to supplement the soil with organic material, such as leaves, grass clippings and compost. Add as much as you are able to your soil. The richer the soil is in organic feed for your white ginger, the better the plant will grow, and you will not need to add any additional fertilizer to your white ginger plant.

Water your white ginger plant so the soil is always moist, but never soggy or water-logged. White ginger plants do not care to be in dry soil. When you maintain an evenly moist soil for your white ginger to grow in, it will produce more flowers. If you live in an area that receives summer rains, you may not need to do additional watering except during dry periods.

Cut your white ginger plant back to the soil level after it is done blooming. It will soon grow back.


For white ginger houseplants, a commercially formulated potting soil for tropical plants, such as an orchid potting soil, is ideal. Because your plant is restricted to a limited amount of rich, fertile soil, you may fertilize your white ginger plant with an all purpose fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the label, but, as with all tropical plants, when it comes to fertilizing, less is better, particularly for flowering tropical plants.

Increase the humidity level of your indoor white ginger plant by misting your plant every few days.

White ginger plants multiply rather quickly, so you may wish to propagate it by carefully dividing the rhizome with a spade or sharp knife in the early spring.

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