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Which Outdoor Plants Grow Best in Oceanside, California?

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Located in coastal southern California, about equidistant from downtown San Diego to the south and Anaheim to the north, Oceanside is defined on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map as Zone 10. The climate is mild, though temperatures may reach a minimum of 30 degrees F overnight in winter. Oceanside, and all of southern California, is an excellent place for outdoor gardening, as plants may enjoy loads of sunshine, low humidity and few insects. Drought may be a problem but can be solved by additional irrigation.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) which may also be known as the crane flower, is an evergreen perennial with stunning flowers in orange, blue and white that resemble tropical birds. Native to South Africa, these plants are trunkless and have stiff stems with flowers or oblong leaves that resemble those on banana trees. Birds of Paradise bloom nearly year-round in Oceanside, which has a temperate climate. These plants thrive in full sun to partial shade and require regular water.

Citrus Trees

As a whole, citrus trees are tropical evergreen trees and shrubs that grow all over southern California, including Oceanside, where lemons, limes, grapefruit and orange varieties may be farmed or used in a home landscape. Lemons and limes are particularly plentiful in this area, which has cool nights year-round. Oranges and grapefruit require moderate to high heat to form sugars, though some varieties of oranges, including mandarins, will ripen with less heat. Citrus trees thrive in full sun with moist soil, though it is important not to let the roots become too dry or flooded.

Rose Bushes

Rose bushes (Rosa) are among the most popular plant in the world, and many varieties thrive in Oceanside due to the mild climate. These evergreen shrubs are available in many sizes, ranging from the nearly disease-resistant hybrid tea, which can grow to 6 feet, to the miniature rose, which can grow to 1-1/2 feet and produces tiny blooms. Roses are susceptible to mildew, rust or black spot in foggy areas, so if planting within five miles of the Pacific coastline, select a disease-resistant variety such as red Chrysler Imperial, orange Tropicana or yellow Graceland, all of which are hybrid tea roses. In Oceanside, plant roses in full sun, water regularly and prune back annually in January.

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