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How to Plant Blue Prince Holly

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Blue prince holly features the typical pronged leaves of a holly shrub. This plant is a common broadleaf evergreen that can reach 12 feet in height at maturity. Blue prince holly serves as the primary pollinator for blue princess holly shrubs. The dark green shiny foliage of this plant provides year-round color for the landscape as well as shelter for birds and small animals. Properly prepare the planting site to ensure a successful transplant of this evergreen plant.

Choose a location with full sun for the best production of foliage and berries. Blue prince holly will tolerate part shade but shouldn't be place in a full shade location. Select a site featuring good drainage since the holly cannot tolerate sodden soil.

Improve the soil quality before planting by cultivating the garden area. Turn over 8 to 12 inches of soil surrounding the planting site and break up soil clumps. Rake the garden smooth and add a 2-inch layer of compost to the garden site. Mix the compost into the soil with the rake and cultivator to increase organic content.

Dig the planting hole two times the size of the potted holly. For burlap covered root balls, clip all twine from around the root ball but retain the burlap. This material will degrade after planting and often makes lifting a heavy plant easier. For container grown shrubs, cut away with the plastic container with sharp pruning shears or a utility knife. Disturb the roots as little as possible.

Place the blue prince holly into the planting hole and adjust height by adding or removing soil. Place the top of the root ball approximately 2 inches below the surrounding soil surface. You'll be adding mulch in addition to soil to increase the planting depth.

Settle the plant in place and fill in with amended soil around the roots. Press the soil carefully to avoid breaking roots but firm the soil well.

Mulch around the plant with a 3-inch layer of new mulch. Do not mound the product around the shrub trunk.

Water the plant at the base of the center stem to promote healthy roots. Allow water to soak into the soil for 10 to 15 minutes using a light stream from the garden hose. Monitor the moisture conditions of the soil for the next year during the plant's establishment time.

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