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How to Grow the Asiatic Lily 'Gironde'

By Sarah Terry ; Updated September 21, 2017
Gironde asiatic lily

The Asiatic lily Gironde (Lilium asiatic ‘Gironde’) is an ultra-hardy lily that can tolerate winter temperatures down to -40 degrees F. This Asiatic lily can grow in nearly any climate and has bright-yellow, large blooms that grow in groups of five to eight on each stem. The Gironde Asiatic lily grows 3 to 4 feet tall and starts to bloom in June. Because this lily is so hardy, you can grow the Gironde easily outdoors with little extra care.

Plant your lily bulbs in the fall or early winter. Select a planting site for your Gironde Asiatic lily that’s in full to partial sun and has well-draining soil.

Plant the bulbs 4- to 6-inches deep, spacing them about 6 inches apart. Loosen the soil below the bulb-planting level, set the bulb into the hole and pat down the soil over the bulb.

Spread a 2- to 3-inch layer of bark or wood chip mulch over the ground where you planted the Gironde lily bulbs if your region experiences frequent freezing weather throughout the winter. The mulch will also come in handy if your area has dry, hot summers as it will help the soil retain moisture.

Water your Asiatic lilies deeply to thoroughly moisten the soil after they sprout and until they begin to bloom. Water your lilies only in the absence of weekly rainfall.

Deadhead (cut off) the spent flowers on your Gironde lily to encourage the plant to direct its energy toward growing a larger, healthier bulb. Clip the stem just below the flowering head, and then in late autumn clip back the stem to the ground level when the stem has turned yellow or brown.

Feed your Gironde lilies a well-balanced liquid plant fertilizer when they first emerge in the spring and again about one month later. Follow the dosage instructions on the package.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden trowel or bulb planter
  • Mulch
  • Garden hose or watering can
  • Garden clippers
  • All-purpose, balanced liquid fertilizer


  • You can divide your Asiatic Gironde lilies in September or October, if they form clumps that are too thick to grow larger stems. Simply dig up and divide the bulbs.

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