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Shrubs in Georgia

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Most of Georgia lies within USDA hardiness zones 7 and 8. Only a very small section in the northeast part of the state is in zone 6. Shrubs in Georgia are many of the same shrubs found in Florida with a hint of the tropics in their flowers, and leaves that last all year long. Shrubs can be pruned and shaped to fit in any space and any style of landscaping.


Caprifoliaceae (Abelia X grandiflora) is also known as glossy abelia and is a member of the honeysuckle family. The plant grows as tall as 3 to 10 feet with a width of about 12 feet. The leaves grow from 1 to 2 inches long and half as wide with the white-pink, fragrant, funnel-shaped flowers reaching about 1 inch long and blooming from mid-summer until the first frost.

Plant caprifoliaceae in full sun or partial shade and a soil that is well-drained and consistently moist (never allowed to go dry or get sopping wet). In South Georgia, the shrub will be evergreen, and semi-evergreen in the rest of the state. Caprifoliaceae is a favorite of butterflies.

Sasanqua Camellia

Sasanqua camellia (Camellia sasanqua) grows from 4 to 15 feet tall with glossy, evergreen leaves that grow about 1 inch long and 1 inch wide and flowers that grow up to 4 inches in diameter blooming in fall and early winter. Provied the plant with filtered sunlight and a rich soil that is dry to moist for the best results. Sasanqua camellia can be grown in zones 7 and 8 in Georgia.

Burning Bush

Burning bush (Euonymus alatus) is also known as winged euonymus and winged spindletree. The shrub grows from 15 to 20 feet tall with a spread of from 6 to 10 feet. The leaves are deciduous and grow up to 3 inches long. The yellow flowers bloom in spring growing in small clusters and turn into purple-red capsules that eventually split and show off the orange-red seeds which can stay on the shrub after the leaves have fallen off. Plant burning bush in partial shade and a well-drained, moist soil that should not be allowed to get dry or become water-logged. The plant can be grown in all of Georgia.

Chapman's Rhododendron

Chapman's rhododendron (Rhododendron chapmanii) is an evergreen shrub that grows from 4 to 10 feet tall and about the same in width. The shrub produces dark green leaves that grow from 1 to 2 inches long and funnel-shaped flowers that bloom in the very early spring and grow to about 2 inches wide. Give Chapman's rhododendron filtered sunlight and a moist but not wet soil. The plant is hardy in zones 7 and 8 in Georgia.

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