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Yarrow Seeds

Yarrow Seeds Articles

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  • When/how to do the overhaul

    I am planning on overhauling the flower bed in front of my house. I have a few perennials and bulbs already there, which I'd like to keep, but I'll have to move them. When is the best time to transplant them, how should I go about it, and how should… More

  • Seeds

    Have these to trade; email me :banana-wa SEEDS 4o'clock-mxd Amaranthus-pygmy,tall Amaryllis-mixed Anise hyssop Aruncus dioicus-goats beard Baby's Breath Balloon Flower-purpl/blue Black eye susan Butterfly Bush-Black Knight, pink & wt., pink Calendula-yellow&orange Castor Bean-red Celosia- tall pink Ceratotheca trilob-South African Foxglove Chimes Crabapple Columbine-white Coneflower-purple, prarie, Coreopsis-tall yellow,red plains,lance leaf,sunray, Cosmos-yellow… More

  • Seeds, horn of plenty and others

    For those that asked for horn of plenty seeds I'll be mailing them out next week, hopefully monday or tuesday. If anyone wants anything else, here's what I have a bunch of right now: Datura inoxia white moonflower blackberry lily portulaca/moss rose Stella d' oro lily garlic chives dark purple… More

  • Saving Yarrow/Achillea Seeds??

    I have never saved seeds from my achilea but it does increase from the root.....mine keeps getting thicker all the time.......I have to thin it out every few years.....good luck.. I may not have answered your question...but maybe someone else can do it for you.............Birdie <><</safety_wrapper> More