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  • A Word Of Caution

    I know there has been bad weather all over the US. To those with storms, tornados, floods, my heart goes out to you. To those of us caught in this heatwave, I have to say be careful. I know we are all sensible adults, but the nurse in me is… More

  • natural clover killer

    ...e of which has epilepsy. A few years ago I had 25 yards of dirt delivered and leveled the backyard. At first the grass grew great and now most of it is clover. The back corner of the yard is covered in non fruit bearing strawberry… More

  • A lone Canadian

    Hey there, I know this is a site where most of the members seem to be south of the border in warmer climates, but I couldn't resist. I love to garden and this is just such a helpful site. I live in Toronto in Zone 5b-6a and I wanted to… More

  • Lilac blooms

    Any suggestions on how to get a lilac to bloom profusely? The lilac bush in question is quite old; it belonged to an old mountain cabin that my wife and I bought and was quite overgrown when we found it. The first year after clearing around it, it produced a… More

  • Hello from the Seattle, Washington area

    ...zzle, land of mild seasons, and land of shrinking yards and farmland. I come in peace.... please don't throw rotten tomatoes. :) Those who like me would say that I am very passionate about gardening, those who don't like me.... well....… More

  • A challenge..

    Unfortunately, I don't have a pic. The flower I'm looking for is white. At least, I've only seen it in white. From a distance, it looks like a large petunnia. I mean LARGE.. and the leaves are dark green and large. The plant maybe stands about.. oh.. 1.5ft tall. 2ft… More

  • Newbie from GA

    Hi there. Glad to find an active garden board. I live in extreme north GA on the TN border. This is my first year trying a veggie garden, so we'll see how this adventure goes. I've been working on my flower garden for awhile now. But have been bad and… More

  • Compost...

    Bins and tumblers I think are ok for folks who live on city lots, have limited space and all. For folks like me who have bitten off more than they can chew in terms of garden space, such things are not sufficient. At a former property I had big maple… More

  • HELP!! grass issues and lots of pine trees...

    ...ant... plus I own it so I can actually dig up the yard! yay! anywho onto the issue... There was an issue with the yard last summer where it was not watered at… More

  • ideas for grass strip between walk and street

    ...ll of the houses have sidewalks in front of their yards, then a strip of grass then the road. I am sick of mowing it and weed wacking it. I called the city to see if there are any restrictions as to what… More

  • Hello from New England!

    Hello! I just joined, I don't really have a garden yet. I live on the third floor of a "three-decker", so I have a large front and back porch, and I'm hoping to start a container garden. I see you have forum for that. I can also do some work… More

  • neuton mower

    Has anyone used one of these mowers? Have a really bad back, so I can't use my big electric mower anymore. The Neuton is supposed to be lighter and easier to use. BUT, the smaller one only has a 14" cutting width, and the larger has a 19" width. They… More

  • Clay Soil Help

    ... 1% dirt. Other than bringing in a bobcat and 100 yards of topsoil does anyone have any ideas???:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: More

  • This PEST is ruining my yard!

    ... be only one or two holes now my front & back yards are a mine field. Any idea what it is and how… More

  • impatien question

    ...y every year because they look so pretty in other yards. I keep them in shade, keep them watered, fertilized. Nothing. The frog is the only one enjoying them so far!:p Laurie More

  • brown hosta leaves

    ...s a lot of sun, but I've seen plenty of others in yards in full sun and they look beautiful... More

  • Getting rid of all turf.

    I want to get rid of all grass in my front + back yards and replace with clover, flowers, shrubs, etc. I'm thinking I'd Roundup all the grass; wait a month, till the dead grass and then plant. Help! What do you think? Also, there's a gillion types of clover.… More

  • Two Handsome Trees

    ...share a couple of photos of trees in neighbouring yards. The first one is a large eucalyptus tree, a favourite with a large number of the local birdlife:) . Number two is a beautiful big mango tree. Don't know how fruitful it is, as we are… More

  • Composting " oh Yea! " HELP

    Thanks, Steroman and Aurora for the Hot Hot Hot, better back off and rethink what your doing in the Mulch/Lime fourm, I needed that. ariving home yesterday afternoon to find a huge pile of horse stable clean-out by my garden area, a friend "Dan" said he had nothing to do… More

  • Hibiscus, what kind grows in zone 6?

    ...ms, the ones I have seen growing here in people's yards (unfortunately I don't know them) is about 3-4 feet high and have large bell shaped blooms, usually a pale pink, lavender… More

  • How Big Is Your Pile?

    My compost pile is close to 15 cubic yards big. It's 10' X 10' X 4' high. I used some plastic snow fence to enclose it. I have it divided into two sections, one for the working compost & the other for the finished product. How big is yours? More

  • bunny litter?

    ...rums, people talk about using the litter in their yards. Yay or nay? I guess if anything else, I could put it in a compost pile? More

  • Sss

    Yards been busy today ! More

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