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Wood Fern

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  • What to plant with Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts?

    ... bed is beautiful in the spring/early summer with Wood Poppies, Bleeding Hearts, Solomon Seal, Ferns, Columbine, Ladies Mantle, but when… More

  • What happened to my black ash trees?

    :( Does anyone know what happened to my black ash trees? We had 7 of them cut down after they died in a matter of 2 years. There are a few more that look like they won't make it either. It seems all the bark starting from the top part… More

  • Piney creeper thing?

    ...ows wild in Southern Indiana. Shade plant, in the woods. I see it usually in old disturbed areas like old strip mines - but not always. It often grows among coniferous trees - but not always. It is evergreen.… More

  • Evolution of our backyard garden

    This corner of our yard used to be a patch of woods and thickets until we cleared it out a few years ago. It's been a fun work in progress over the last few years as I've changed a few things as I learned more about what worked and what… More

  • OMG; look....Weeds NO MORE

    Look what I found, I am in glee over it. Wanted to share it with you all as I will be going the store right now to buy the 15% 20 liter of this Vingear. I have some that is 80% but have not used it yet as it is… More

  • The Dark Side of Earthworms

    Got this in a gardening newsletter that i get in email. The Dark Side of Earthworms Ask a gardener what creature of the earth does the most to enrich our soil and the answer is most likely to be ... the earthworm. I have a worm-composting bin in my basement… More

  • Hiding rose's knees

    These wild roses have pretty and delicate flowers, but their knees are so ugly ! I want to plant something to hide them. I've thought of Plumbago, but won't it be hard to prune the roses (and it) with it growing there ? What about honeysuckle or Clematis ? I… More

  • japanese painted fern question

    ... hair, sensitive, braken(which is taking over) my woods. Do they stay put? Thanks for any response. More

  • Mulching ferns

    ...dangered, never fear). I have numerous plain old "woods Ferns" and a Northern Maidenhair Fern (now divided into two) that I've had for a few years. Today on… More

  • Crystal's Garden In New Zealand

    Orginally from Georgia and a keen gardener I have moved and now I am on the North Island in New Zealand. The climate here in my part of the world is considered semi tropical, Zone 10 I am told. We moved from Hawkes Bay to Otane on Christmas Day 2005.… More

  • Wood Ferns and Hostas

    ... a small shade flower bed this weekend with a few wood ferns and three different varieties of hosta. I put in new soil and gave them a good drink. It looks so pretty--if I do say so... ;) Anybody have any tips, secrets, suggestions as to how to… More

  • Invasive ferns

    ...bordered on 2 sides by woods and wetlands and the ferns are encroaching on my yard. Specifically, they are growing into the azaleas that the previous owner had planted along the edge of the woods. I pulled out as many as I could last spring, but they… More

  • Transplant wild ferns & paper birch trees?

    ... of Wisconsin. How and when can I transplant wild ferns and papeer birch trees out of the woods on my property? Did a few of each last spring. Don't know if they made it yet. Still got 2 1/2' of snow on the… More

  • Japanese painted fern help!

    I had a wood fern, japanese painted fern, and autumn fern growing in a long rectangular pot on my patio where they get only a little morning sun. They were doing wonderfully, really beautiful. Yesterday I noticed two dead-ish looking fronds on the japanese one, so I cut them off… More

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