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  • wisteria black dragon

    hello everyone! I bought a wisteria - black dragon, last summer, about 40 cm height. At the end of the summer i prunned it, I cut back the new long shoots. since then, the plant stopped at all, no new one shoots or leaves, and now has lost all leaves.… More

  • Magnolia & Wisteria cuttings in water

    My DH took a few magnolia cuttings and a wisteria for me, I've placed them in water and we'll see what happens. I purchased root starter/horomone stuff some time ago that I should use, but so many things going on so if they root, they root and I'll be very… More

  • Wisteria

    I have a pink wisteria planted at my MIL house, and want to start another one. The one I have is in tree form and I have never seen a sucker. I have searched this thread and Rkayne said they are easy to root in soil. What I need to… More

  • wisteria

    Has anyone experienced a wisteria vine (bush) pods giving off a popping sound? Last week my neighbor called the police because they thought someone was firing a BB gun. When a search was made the police left laughing when they figured the sound came from the vine. This vine has… More

  • Wisteria pruning in the UK

    HI I have a wisteria that is now blooming regularly each year.My query is about pruning.I know about the July/February pruning which I do.What I am wondering is..can I shorten the new growth (tendrils)between now and July on a regular i.e.weekly, basis? The reason for this is that it has… More

  • Mt Laurel or Wisteria?

    The folks here at work can't decide, and I have no clue whatsoever..... anywho..... the bee knows what he likes and could care less what we call it, he calls it lunch! More

  • Morning Glorys

    I want to plant Morning Glorys to grow up a arbor I have over my deck. I can plant them on all four corners either in the ground or in containers, which ever would be the best. The arbor is 8 ft high and 10 ft square, I would like… More

  • Arbor/trellis

    Does anyone have wisteria on an arbor? I know I need to get a very sturdy one and I know they don't come cheap. If you could tell me what you have and where you got it and the price. More

  • pruning wisteria

    when is the best time ? mines gone abit mad this year and neglected im ashamed to say. its only small i had masses of flowers last year but had to cut it back hard as we had new windows fitted and it was in the way. this was last… More

  • Wisteria Pans Out!

    I purchased my wisteria a couple years ago and have been tree training it and patiently waiting for it to blossom. When I first purchased it, I did not realize it would not blossom right away. This year it finally happened! More

  • Chinese Wisteria (pods)?

    my wisteria had pods on them last fall and I took them off. inside of each pod are 4 huge seeds. i kept them thinking i could plant the seeds..maybe? Can I do this, and how do I do this? :0 More

  • Wisteria

    ...r thing that I am flabbergasted about... OK... So Wisterias typically bloom in early-mid May in my area of Pa... BUT... I have been noticing that I am getting flower buds again on it! Anybody else ever heard of this? Wisteria blooming twice in a season? More

  • Wisteria and potatoes

    Can Wisteria be started from seeds, and if so does anyone have any? Would also like to know if anyone has seed potatoes. Karen More

  • Wisteria

    How tall of a support do you need for Wisteria? I *think* it is Chinese Wisteria, but I am not positive. I am getting some starts off of my mom's but wasn't sure how high to make the support for it. Will ask my mom tomorrow to see if it… More

  • Help with my wisteria

    HELP!!! My wisteria plant hasn't bloomed once since I've had it about 4-5 years ago. Does anyone have information on why it will not bloom??? Thank you! More

  • Wisteria planting issue

    I bought a wisteria "tree" although right now it looks like a twig. I went to the spot I wanted it and dug a hole. I wanted it in front of my window and I'll get a trellis for it eventually but right now I was going to do it… More

  • Wisteria

    I have 2 wisteria plants that are about 6 ft tall. They put out leaves but sparingly. Both are at least 10 years old. Neither have ever bloomed. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Other flowers and trees grow in the same area, they all bloom with no… More

  • Wisteria is growing :)

    So I bought a wisteria bush and it was literally a stick with roots when I got it. It was still dormant and I was worried it would die. Here is a picture of it in April and then what it looks like now. I'm going to be putting an… More

  • Tree form Wisteria

    I have a tree form wisteria- and it is time to plant. Question though- At the base of the trunk, it crooks up - that is going to be a weak spot. Can the wisteria be planted deeper up to that point? So that the crook is underground? The crook… More

  • Wisteria Not Blossoming

    I purchased a Chinese wisteria a few years ago and it has yet to blossom. I followed the instructions that I read online about when to fertilize, etc. but no luck so far. Are there some wisteria plants that just never blossom? More