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Wire Plant Supports

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  • LOTS of rain...strange weather here

    ...ture is trying to tell us something? Have lots of plants that should have been planted already but I am afraid to put them out until it stays warm! How is everyone doing? Any Ideas? My Mom has the green thumb, she… More

  • Another darn 'Wabbit' thread...

    ...ways thought they were "cute"...UNTIL I wanted to plant a major garden... Many of the bulbs, rhizones and tender vegatation that will be going into an "L"… More

  • Newbie from Illinois saying hello : )

    ... site while doing a search for seeds that I could plant now that just might still bloom this Fall. This looks like a fantastic site & forums and I'm very excited to be here. Briefly I'm a mom of five children ( 3 grown, 2 at home… More

  • A windowbox

    This week I was at the flower auction where we take our hanging baskets that we grow to sell. There was a really cool windowbox there that someone made. The person took an actual regular sized window frame that still had the glass in it. For the box where you… More

  • hang 'em by their feet!

    ...rently there's an infomercial for 'hanging bottle planters'...haven't seen it but found online how to d.y.i. i've used bleach and 1/2 gal milk bottles. cut the bottoms off, lay them on… More

  • Endangered species?

    ...s are jointed. The hanger is made from gold craft wire, old colored telephone wire, and… More

  • Scarlett runner question

    ...the lengthening vines horizontally on the support wire. Some of the vines will make it the three feet across to the next row, but I just… More

  • Flat Ground Planting "Summers Coming"

    ...by 24' long with Peanuts,Seed Spacing using my 6" wire grid. I will add 4 (big Wheel Barrow) tubs of Horse Poo & Leaves(the year old stuff) 8 oz 6-6-6 (ok cheating… More

  • WEEDS!

    ... I can use to spray that won't hurt my scrubs and plants? It rained… More

  • Need help w/eggplant buds

    This year I built a six foot wide dog run (4 ft wire with steel T-Posts) completely around the outside of my garden perimeter fence, and old Buddy, the German Shepherd, enjoys keeping ALL critters "at bay"....including the local Deer population....This type fence is easy to build because you drive… More

  • Planting Tools

    I made some planting Grids from Wire Fence and Concrete Reinforcing Wire. The reason was to let my 6 year-old twins join the planting and keep the seeds and transplants in the row, Not that I had a problem , of course not. Here are the pictures of a 4"… More

  • Planting Zone 9

    I planted , Lettuce two kinds(grand rapids & romaine),broccoli , cabbage, and some Roma tomato seeds, WOW! planted out side in a home made self watering tub on 8/05 came up on 8/8 I can't believe this! that's only 3 1/2 days ? they look healthy, the tomatoes took a… More

  • Spring bulbs and squrirrels

    I have a friend that puts strips of chicken wire over his to keep them from digging them up More

  • I need trellis ideas for cucumbers

    Something easy and cheap please! :D I planted a small vegetable bed on the side of my house that gets the most sun. Space is limited but I managed to jam 5 tomato plants, 2 summer squash plants and 2 cucumber plants in there. Would 4 stakes around the perimeter… More

  • pot w/pig shaped animal w/moss or dirt inside?

    ... out of wire with moss or dirt inside. What can i plant in this to fill up all over or around it? Thank you. Gigi More

  • Moles & Potatoes

    ... to eat them? Should I line the area with chicken wire of would the holes on that even be small enough to keep one out? Just trying… More

  • copper touching vegetables

    ...are bothering a particular plant, to put a copper wire around it, because slugs won't touch copper. Question is, when it rains or whatever, can the copper hurt my plant or the soil? More

  • House plant Tip Keeping pets and plants safe from each other

    ...m the plants I came up with a brilliant solution- wire pet… More

  • Potatoes in the Barrel "Where are they?"

    ...oes would not climb to the top of ,barrel, bag or wire hoops that they would only produce on the lower roots?, My seed potatoes came from the… More

  • Thistle Sock problem

    Thanks for the tip on the wire, Herb. Very useful. More

  • awesome bird picture`s

    wire`s must be getting crossed,with all this wind. but i got them. More

  • Planting Tool s & Ideas

    ...Jake, Maggie & Myself Use a piece of Concrete Wire Mesh with 6x6 holes We have made a 2' wide by 4' long 32 plant/seed spacing grid, It worked great on the Onion Set Spacing (all 800 of them). The Twins and You know who love this… More

  • Pocket Gophers attack

    ...r. -Poisons don't work and traps are yuckie. -Use wire cages under everything that you want to… More

  • I'm so curious...

    Can anyone tell me what this plant is. I got it from a friend and it was in a small pot. I repotted them and they started growing like crazy. They grew so tall and straight at first ( see pic last pic. they are the ones in the top… More

  • Planted irish moss in wire pig

    Well i planted my wire pig with irish moss inside. The girl at my garden center suggested that. The pig is about 12 inches long from butt to end of face and 6 inches wide so i planted 7 all around in different places. It has cute tiny white blooms… More