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Winter Garden

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  • over winter planting

    I have my fall planting done so I'll still get fresh vegetables in late fall, but I was wondering what I should plant in late fall so it comes up in spring? I remember seeing an article on that somewhere on this website, but I can't find it. Is it… More

  • spinach indoors in winter

    ...ich in september with plans to harvest before our winter kill and also hoping if I covered it with straw it would… More

  • Rock garden plant question

    ...g little plant. However most said to protect from winter moisture. Does that mean you have to grow them in troughs and move to covered patio in winter? More

  • What Do You Call A Flowering Plant That Does Not Die In Winter?

    ...as to be a category for plants that do not die in winter and flower all year round more than one time? I am just beginning gardening so if this sounds silly please forgive me. :0 I know about… More

  • Winter Gardening Season Officially Opens

    At least for me in Connecticut! Here is my first attempt... I did it in my sleep. :cool: More

  • Recipe Archive at Winter Creek Gardens

    Winter Creek gardens has a wonderful Recipe Archive. If you are searching for a new way of preparing a fruit/vegetable, check it out because you will find something you will enjoy! I assure You! Gary/Louisville http://www.Wintercreekgardens.com/recipe.html More

  • Hybiscus getting ready for the winter.

    I have planted hybiscus at my house for 5 years now. I have some that come back up every year and for some strange reason I can plant them on this one side of my house and they NEVER come back up. Now I have 3 tree and 8 plants.… More

  • Not bad for the dead of Winter

    ... Winter" means 70 degrees.... The local Botanical Gardens is working hard to get ready for the upcoming Spring season. Lots of new beds and sprouts. The damage from the hurricane was severe but it appears that the armies of volunteers have put in… More

  • Dead plants for my future garden

    ...cked up a shovel and loosen up some dirt where my garden will be next year. There were some weeds in that patch, so I've dug em up, cut them up with big blows of the shovel, and mixed them in with the soil. I will probably… More

  • Weeping pussy willow in a pot.

    ...repotting it would be good but not to use regular garden soil so what do I use? Potting soil? Any special directions? Also it seemed to almost die with the heat but it's coming back. I'll get some pictures. I'm… More

  • Hello again from Michigan.

    ... everyone I haven't been on here in forever. Long winter! Spring is now here and my garden is starting to bloom.Just wanted to say hi to fellow gardeners. More

  • Strawberries

    I'm hoping someone here may know the answer to this question, I went out on the web to look up strawberry growing in hanging containers and found some informatin. What I am really looking for is if I container plant them in hanging pots, what do I do over the… More

  • Lucky Bamboo

    Dracaena sanderiana I was gifted one and it is quite a lovely weave I think! I broke one stem completely and that is what the little red tie is. :( I did not try a formal graft but I suspect you can graft it back to itself. Apparently this plant… More

  • About snow and gardening

    ...ow Cover Bad News for Travelers but Good News for Gardeners Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:59pm EST WARMINSTER, Pa., Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Near record snowfalls here… More

  • Solar Garden Lights

    ...ries out? Sash, why do you keep charging them all winter if you're not using them? Wouldn't the batteries last longer if you let them be for the winter then recharge them when you put them out in spring? Blue.......the… More

  • Hello from a new garden member in IL

    ... blowing to change direction. Or so it seems this winter at least. I am blessed with a SW breeze every afternoon about 3 pm during the summer, but the winds have been pretty strong this winter. I gardenMore

  • hello there.

    ...from Edmonton, Alberta. I have a little perennial garden and well grow a few vegetables at my cabin in a little place called Carrot Creek. I love the flowers and my favorite is the rose - but have had many problems with them dying when it gets… More

  • winter preperation

    ...ing what I should do to prepare. I'm a first time gardener and I was told I should plant some winter plants and I was just wondering which plants grow good in my area and how to protect them. I'm from Kansas… More

  • Jasmine in Winter

    ...r with hints of yellow. Is that normal during the winter months? Is there something I am doing wrong? I really haven't done much maintenance on it this winter.… More

  • Preparing the Periennial Garden bed after winter

    Hi everyone!! I have been raking and weeding and I was wondering... How do you remember exactly what to weed when you know your periennials will be coming up soon. How do you prepare your beds for Spring? Thanks a bunch! Blessings, Lily More

  • How To Winter Sow Seed Outdoors

    ...ter Sow Seeds Outdoors Trudi posts on a number of gardening sites and has been Winter sowing for a number of years. She enjoys sharing her experience on Winter sowing of flowers/vegetables with other gardeners.. Gary/Louisville Guest Article: Winter Sowing by Trudi Davidoff http://gardengal.net/page104.html WinterSown.org -- Learn to… More

  • How To Winter Sow Seed Outdoors

    ...ter Sow Seeds Outdoors Trudi posts on a number of gardening sites and has been Winter sowing for a number of years. She enjoys sharing her experience on Winter sowing of flowers/vegetables with other gardeners.. Gary/Louisville Guest Article: Winter Sowing by Trudi Davidoff http://gardengal.net/page104.html WinterSown.org -- Learn to… More

  • Anyone into Winter Sowing?

    ...s: Im just learning some aspects of gardening and Winter Sowing is one. I like this idea because that means less plants I have to buy pre-grown at the nursery. Just to fill my flower boxes with annuals is quite a bit, so I like to save elsewhere in the… More

  • Best winter color?

    Last winter I took over the garden care for my parents' house. My mom's garden design is pretty random - just whatever she liked, and it looks pretty great as it is. I'd like to add some things for winter color, however. I'm mostly thinking of red berries and varied… More

  • Winter gardening?

    ... figured I'd ask anyway. Can you gros anything in winter? or better yet, What do YOU do, garden wise, during winter. More

  • What do I do in the Fall and Winter?

    ... the garden. What do I do with them now or in the winter? They are still looking pretty good, as it hasn't really cooled down much here besides some rain. Will they last through the… More

  • Winter crokus

    ... i can enjoy the outdoors and still get online.my garden is growing great and can hardly wait till harvest.oh well… More

  • Reviving Hostas after winter in Alaska

    ...years has not broken through the ground yet after winter. I am lucky it grew so big last year and was hopeful this spring, but I haven't seen any signs of it yet. My ferns and Pulmonaria are coming back strong...even my little hosta is… More

  • my garden

    ..., down to the compost that fills it. We spend our winter pulling nails and staples out of recycled wood mostly from pallets and machine crates. Some of the beds still have the square foot gardening grid on them. Im still deciding if I like… More

  • Fertilizing in winter?

    ...onths. Here in N. FL. it has been quite warm this winter so far. Should I (Or Not) fertilize the survivors yet? More

  • winter onions

    My brother-in-law sent us some winter onion sets back in august and so far they are doing good. Has anyone had any experience with these onions before. More

  • Garden Furniture

    ... where the climate is humid a lot and even in the winter it is foggy and humid. We get random cold… More

  • Garden Lights

    ...nybody know if they have to be brought in for the winter? It doesn't say anything in the literature that came with the package, but I wasn't sure whether the batteries would hold a… More

  • Winter has Hit!

    here are a few pictures of the snow we got the other day......My girls took these Pics........ More

  • Blooms In winter, Dies In Summer And Roots Grow Up?

    Hi everyone, A friend who loves to garden and knows I do too emailed me for help with a quiz of some sort. It's apparently a question in a magazine and her Father In Law said she wouldn't be able to find out the answer before he gets his next… More

  • A Rose to get you thru the Winter

    A pic taken during the Thanksgiving break. Enjoy! More

  • fall/winter garden

    ...ans. Anyway who else is going to do some fall and winter crops? More