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  • Mint garden

    ...e a mint garden? It's one of the only things that wildlife won't eat so I pretty much dedicated a part of my garden to them. Can anyone tell me what mints flower? So far I have lemon balm, bee balm and peppermint and catnip/catmint. More

  • Hi from Lake Greenwood

    ...t I enjoy full time such as gardening, feeding my wildlife, mowing & watering my lawn, crafting, & sewing.… More

  • hi from jules uk

    ...o plan). I really enjoy gardening and encouraging wildlife here in the uk but can't wait to get my hands mucky in a garden across in the us and encourage… More

  • racoon

    ...nd it didnt move, just stared at me. I called the wildlife ext.… More

  • how do you...

    ...eed is rare as well. As you can see, planting for wildlife does pay handsome dividends. You are blessed to have the land and means to do so. Thank you for that. If the species are around, they will find the… More

  • Mystery veggie

    I was out and about in the garden last night weeding and spotted a seedling- of some sort of squash, pumpkin or gourd- not sure which- all I know is last fall I tossed the pumpkins and squash etc we used as decoration for the fall out in the yard… More

  • Hello Garden Friends

    ... visited forums yet, Wow there is so much info on gardening it will take days to read... :D I am fairly new here in the garden and am lovin every miute of it! Its been fantastic meeting new friends with the same passion for plants… More

  • Hi Everyone from Erie, Pa

    ...phy. Leave me with my camera and some flowers and wildlife and I couldn't be happier (not to be confused… More

  • Hello Everyone

    ...all kinds and have great interest in all types of wildlife. I try to plant the type of flowers, shrubs and trees that birds, butterflies and… More

  • I'm a new member from Colorado zone 4

    ...eal name is Donna. I'm 51 years old and have been gardening since I was 4. I love every aspect of gardening. Two years ago I made a life change and got remarried to a good friend I met online and moved from Oregon… More

  • eagle cam

    ...s too cool. http://www.infotecbusinesssystems.com/wildlife/default.asp enjoy michelle More

  • Rabbit in the Burbs?

    ...is winter. This is the suburbs. We don't get much wildlife. I wonder why a rabbit would come to this area? Here he is. He's a bit camouflaged. More

  • live cam of an eagles nest

    ...or kids too http://www.infotecbusinesssystems.com/wildlife/default.asp More

  • Snapshots of wildlife in Connecticut

    All taken in my yard. More

  • Wildlife Pond For Native Birds

    ...n the country and my husbands dream was to have a wildlife pond for ducks to come in and watch from the new deck. He started with a small water hole in a natural wet area, but decided it wasn't big enough so he enlarged… More

  • What to do for the birds & wildlife?

    ... reduced our budget for birdseed and food for the wildlife. This really bothers me because I love so much to feed the birds. Does anyone have any penny-wise solution… More

  • Wildlife Habitat

    Hi we maintain a wildlife habitat on our original farmlands passed down thru the generations. We feed and provide housing for everything from deer to peregrine falcons. It is a wonderful way to spend retirement years. More

  • Wildlife photo

    ...elated, but this is my other hobby (obsession??), wildlife photography. More

  • help with this area here to attract wildlife and make privacy

    ...ng the chain link fence and also do something for wildlife here in zone 7, it is kinda narrow, and yes I am only into my 2nd year of gardening :) do you think holly would be too big? any… More

  • Backyard habitat

    ...rtified as a backyard habitat , from the National wildlife federation. Has any of U seen that show on Animal Plante ?? Well , U can go online and apply to be certified. Just fill out a form and… More

  • Test

    ...eard that human urine is the best defense against wildlife......so let your grandson pee in the bushes!!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ALL!!! More

  • A Suggestion

    ...section. Well, I noticed when I first joined that Wildlife is in two places in the Forums. Wildlife shows up in Photo Gallery under Landscapes and Nature. Then Wildlife shows up again under Garden Critters. Why can't be… More

  • Goslings, Doves, and Snapping Turtle

    ...eping a close watch. Then while walking around my gardens, I noticed a dove has built… More

  • Snakes take over our outdoor Bird Watching areas

    ...w! LOL) progress in the gardens or to watch birds/wildlife, we receive reptilian… More

  • We do have wildlife!!

    I must admit this was the first time this happened. I got some photos, not real good ones I am afraid, but you get the general idea. This our back patio/porch. We feed the outside cats on the porch and this deer decided to check out the food. If you… More