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Wildflower Garden

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  • Does it matter how old the seeds are?

    ...n knowledge; I'm new to gardening. :0 I have some wildflower seed packets from 4-5 years ago and I am wondering if I can still plant them? More

  • Mystery Plant #53.5

    Very common wildflower. This is for all you 'viewers.' Get your feet wet. More

  • Dutchman's Breeches Poem

    ...s to a poem about Dutchman's Breeches, the native wildflower that blooms in woodlands in the spring. A visitor to my website says her mother recited it to her back in the 1950's… More

  • Lemon Drop Oenothera; Invasive in Texas????

    ...xas .... Are these going to be as invasive as the wildflower type that spreads underground? I can not find anything about them on wed except that they… More

  • Look at this weird poppy!

    ... where this came from ~ it was either the cheap-o wildflower seed mix, or it came from a poppy tape I got from RKayne. Anyhoo ~ isn't it beeeyoootifulll!!? More

  • Little green worms

    Was digging up some wildflower type plants in my backyard and see little green almost fluorescent worms. Can anyone tell me if these are good, bad or whether I should try to get rid of them or keep them? Thanks in advance.............. More

  • just a question

    I have done a little gardening over the years I can't say that I am great but I don't usually have too much trouble. We just moved to a place with lots of weeds and rocks. I was thinking about making some small flower beds but didn't want to spray… More

  • Senna

    ...aved. It self-seeded easily in WI. It's a prairie wildflower and mine got to be 4-5'… More

  • Growing Wildflowers

    I have a packet of wildflower mix and I just want to be sure I plant them correctly. Should I just rake the area to prepare it, throw the seeds down and rake them in and water? More

  • What is this pretty little flower?

    I threw marigold seeds and a wildflower seed mix here. The levaes look more like a marigold, but the flower looks sort of like a cosmo. Whatever it is, I like it! More

  • What are you growing?

    ...ic chives Peppermint Lemon boy tomatoes chamomile Wildflower mix More

  • Help with my blue flax.

    ... it is eggs? or something else? The flax is in my wildflower garden, and it is only on the flax, as far as I can find. Can anyone ID this? I don't know how to treat, if I should, or what, so… More

  • any ideas on this wildflower?

    I need to be getting me a book I think - any good ones? This is growing in the South - so warm loving- the leaves look similar to that of a native violet but the blooms are all wrong for the ones I know of. Any ideas what it… More

  • Random Wildflower?

    Hi all! I was out in my front yard today and noticed that there were these little blue flowers on the ground. And when I say little I mean little...maybe a quarter of the size of a dime. I'm not really sure what they are, so I'm here. Also, I… More

  • dose anyone know the name of this wildflower?

    I tried transplanting these beautiful wildflowers a few years ago, they didn't take and they didn't come back the next year, but today I think that I found one growing under the back stairs. :rolleyes: More

  • Butterflies and Wildflower Lovers Unite!

    ...o come here. I have zillions of butterflies in my garden. More

  • identify this yellow wildflower

    Can someone help me identify this wildflower, pretty in large clumps by roadside (MA). Not sure if annual or perennial - probably annual as roots pulled out easily. More

  • Weekend wildflower pics

    A weeked trip "way up north" (Dallas area) had these along the backroads. More

  • New from Wisonsin....

    ...now. I am looking for info on the ins and outs of wildflower gardening and using the seeds I took from my garden right now. I am sure I will find tons of info on this… More

  • Wildflower seed mixes

    OK ~ I generally steer clear of these things, but I stumbled upon the BEST one this spring. And of all places, at Walgreens (my husband was picking up a prescription and I was bored). It was called "low-growing perennial mix" and I just love it. And for $1.00 a… More

  • Wildflower Pacific Northwest

    This one grows in the forest in northwestern CA. Real mountainous area. Any ideas what it is? More

  • What wildflower is this?

    Guess what endangered wildflower this is? More

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