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What to Compost

What to Compost Articles

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  • Planting Directly in Compost

    ...n the ground right now. We got a bunch of organic compost to amend some areas, but these raised beds are completely new and empty. Can we plant directly into the raised beds if they are filled… More

  • Fruit flies in my compost?

    ... days, every time I take the cover off, swarms of what look like fruit flies emerge :mad: . I'm not sure that they are actually fruit flies, but… More

  • Need help fixing my compost bin

    They are definitely earthworms - but I thought a compost should get hot? Not hot enough to deter worms? Is it bad that the compost is very heavy and wet? THe size does shrink, so I'm assuming that means the organic material is breaking down... STacey More

  • baby bunnies in compost pile

    Well, I went to my compost pile to get some compost out of it and when I did there were baby bunnies underneath a layer of it. It scared the heck out of me!! I just put the layer back on top of them. My question is, will the momma… More

  • Coffee grinds in my compost pile?

    ...g my coffee grinds straight out my window into my compost pile for several years now. My question, is this good or bad? More

  • Organica Compost Activator & Cold Weather Compost

    ...ello :) A couple of weeks ago we decided to start composting. Without a lot of space to work with in our yard, my husband and I opted for a large yard waste trash car with wheels on it and he drilled quite a few holes all over it for… More

  • Making Compost at Home

    I would like to start making some compost. I am totally new to the process and have no idea where to begin. I have several questions for whomever can help. 1. Is a compost bin the best way to go? If so, how big of a bin should I get?… More

  • Compost Tea for Vegetable Gardening

    We are planning to do some intensive vegetable gardening and need to figure out how to not to spend a ton of money on feeding our plants. We have got our soil tested from a lab and need to make years worth of amendments. Thus we are looking to go… More

  • Seeds in the compost pile?

    I am curious about seeds in the compost pile. I have pulled up my broccoli and lettuce and radishes. If I put them in my compost pile will they be growing next season? A friend dropped a load of cow manure into my garden for me when I wasn't home,… More

  • A Few??s from a Compost Newbie

    Hello, As the subject line says, I am a relative compost newbie, and could use any advice. We started our compost bin this spring -- it's a black plastic, covered bin with rows of ventilation holes at regular intervals (bought from Gardens Alive on sale). We add coffee grounds and… More

  • adding compost to flower beds

    So in all my reading it talks about adding compost to your flower beds in the spring and fall. I kind of feel stupid asking this but...how do I add it to an already established flower bed that needs the nutrients? Do I pull all the mulch out of the… More

  • how to get compost to mature faster?

    ... had a composter for 7 months and no compost yet. What I am I doing wrong it is just dry leaves and grass in there? I have a stand composter that must be tumbled by hand I do that occasionally and try to give kitchen scraps weekly. I… More

  • Help! Out of control compost.

    Okay, I started attempting composting this winter. I was doing really well about stirring it regularly. Well, we started a little remodel project in our house and I got lax about stirring it and adding to it. I guess it has been about a month since I had done anything… More

  • Compost ingredients???????

    As stated in a couple of other forums, I am brand new at this gardening business. We have 2 acres with 110 trees, most of which are live oaks. Needless to say, too many to rake or pick up, so I grind them up with the mower. We have just… More

  • compost bin

    I am getting a new compost bin tomorrow and it is FREE. WOOHOO. Getting it thru reuseit.com. I just have to go pick it up. Finally a real compost bin and it collapses for easier moving. Now I won't have to keep using my old wash machine tub. :0 More

  • Compost Question

    Okay, I started my compost on August 13th in a rolling type bin. I think it's pretty full & moist (compost sticks together) but it doesn't seem to be doing anything else. There's no odor but last I checked there was still some lettuce in there that still looked like… More

  • compost heap

    ... behind my garden that i dump any thing that will compost. Does any one else do this ? Every spring i have compost i add to the garden. Really don't have a weed problem doing it this way. More

  • Citrus Compost.

    ... have been throwing all types of citrus in there. What are the affects? Does it make my compost more acidic? Do the rinds just take a long time to compost? More

  • Compost...

    Bins and tumblers I think are ok for folks who live on city lots, have limited space and all. For folks like me who have bitten off more than they can chew in terms of garden space, such things are not sufficient. At a former property I had big maple… More



  • compost problems

    ...my first garden ever. My mom and I also started a compost pile, but quickly realized we were in over our heads.… More

  • Compost Annimation

    ...selection. Gary/Louisville http://eclectech.co.uk/compostbin.php More

  • Compost... or contents of.

    ...ce I posted here! Some years back I built a 3 bin composter, works great. Have a question though... guy across the street had several bull pines dropped and stumps ground up. So, I have an opportunity for quite a bit of pine grindings… More

  • "Compost Smoothies"

    ... to chop up kitchen waste before adding it to the compost tumbler. I put egg shells, veggie peelings, etc, in the blender, add a little rain barrel water and hit the puree button on the… More

  • how to make compost?

    I was thinking buying a 55 gal. plastic drum and cutting it into sections and putting different wires in between. Any better ideas??? More

  • My compost pile

    Well, it looks like my compost pile is finally composting... Yea.... I was turning it the other day, a mouse ran out from underneath and then I saw at the end of my pitch fork a smaller one.. :( I didn't see it yesterday, maybe they moved. I have to… More

  • how much compost?

    Ok so my flower bed is 12ft by 6ft. How much compost would you add to a clay soil? More