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Wet Gardens

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  • strmywthr3's garden

    ... it would only stop raining. My yard is a sopping wet, muddy mess. yuck. my wintersown containers are sprouting. I've got over 200 containers out and still have a few more annuals to sow. More

  • Weather

    ...been to cold here in U.K to and wet to get on the garden,today its strong gusty winds and rain. Got a few things coming up in greenhouse. Spring has just started here the birds are nest building and hopefully we can look forward to a hot summer… More

  • MAJOR problem with brand new John Deere tractor

    :mad: My mom bought a new JD probably less than 2 months ago. Since my husband wasn't working today and her mower was supposed to be greased he did that and took off the deck to see if it needed cleaned. That's more for her benefit because my dad used… More

  • weird and oozy

    We have been noticing a strange substance appearing in our beds. Each spot it has happened there is a tree. The trees are different types though. Coming from the ground is a very yellow oozing matter. It builds up in a pile that then dries out and looks like a… More

  • Congrats Again

    ...o easy on these new mods, let them get their feet wet before they have to do too much MODerating. More

  • how to get compost to mature faster?

    I have had a composter for 7 months and no compost yet. What I am I doing wrong it is just dry leaves and grass in there? I have a stand composter that must be tumbled by hand I do that occasionally and try to give kitchen scraps weekly. I… More

  • wren in my fern

    ...nt know how to water it with out getting the nest wet. It needs water now. I tried to water it with a wateringcan with a thin spout but it just ran through… More

  • Adding Fibre to Vegetable Bed. 2007

    ...notlong.com 23 March 2007 Zone 5. The soil is too wet to work. I had some straw used as mulch to winter protect my Canna Lilies, so I decided to shred it and place on the garden bed to increase the fibre content. It will be rototilled into the soil… More

  • How to plant Dahlias question

    I just planted over 100 dahlias I plant them about a foot apart and most of them are dinner plate size about 5ft tall and need tied to keep them from falling over some are patio size and planted about 8 inches apart dahlias drink lots of water but don't… More

  • Tulips in containers

    ...han normal cold snap and are back to our mild and wet temperatures. I think my entire garden thinks it's spring now! :eek: I can't do much… More

  • Free Garden Tool Giveaway!

    ... to sustainable living and topics such as organic gardening, natural health, green homes and renewable energy. They are currently offering a chance to win a set of 10 new gardening tools The winner will receive 5 large NRG PRO tools and 4 NRG… More

  • What's Happening to My Onions?

    ... difference from San Francisco. This has been one wet spring and my onions (red and white) are suffering. I put… More

  • my pet will die without, please i need to learn

    ... wood forest and on the coast, meaning it’s wet and cold. Winter is coming and I need a garden. I have a pet skink (lizard)… More

  • Red Tubes in Mulch from white "egg like" sacs

    I am not much of a gardener--so I hope someone has seen these things and can tell me what I have. I have thick mulch around my home in Nashville, TN. The mulch is full of white egg shaped sacs a couple of inches below the surface that mature to… More

  • Garden Poems/Songs My Spider Song

    ...g Just a walkin' with some Raid!! "Get it soakin' wet. Gonna kill me a spider, just haven't found it yet... Just a walkin' with some Raid!! Spraying right… More

  • Fern ID

    ...ous what type of fern I was given. It came from a wet area on the edge of some wetlands. It spreads quite nicely, running very shallow. Sorry, couldn't get the sites uploader to work. Thanks. http://www.flickr.com/photos/40521537@N07/3727259575/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/40521537@N07/3728058444/ Ben More

  • What in the world is this...?!?!

    ...hey look like upside-down, hollow carrots, with a wet brown substance on them. Location: Chicago suburbs Light: Mostly shade Conditions: Damp I have searched all night for an answer, with no luck. Can anyone tell me what this is going to… More

  • Bob's Garden Washington State

    ...estern half of the state, otherwise known as the "wet side". I'm in zone 8, with a fairly mild climate. My home is south of Seattle in the Puget Sound area. The rainy reputation Seattle has isn't as bad as they… More

  • What Does Transplant Shock Look Like?

    ...th transplant shock? Also, should I keep the soil wet, wet, wet or just water every several days? I am new to gardeningMore

  • Old, wet fertilizer

    I had some fertilizer (8-8-8) that apparently I have missed the last 2 seasons. It has been open (it was contained in a bucket), but moisture, apparently from the air, has gotten in to the bag, and the fertilizer is moist. It still smelled like fertilizer (a little). Do you… More

  • wet soil help!


  • Rain gardens

    ... low. About 10 by 20. I would like to make a rain garden. I know I have to make a dry stream bed to the drain under the shed but a lot of water… More

  • A Wet Day

    Here I am , after 3 inches of rain last night....going to play in the mud. More

  • mushrooms

    ...are popping up everywhere and this has not been a wet spring in PA. More

  • Mystery Plant #53.5

    ...wer. This is for all you 'viewers.' Get your feet wet. More

  • Mystery shrub

    ...planted it in a variety of shade situations, from wet to dry sand, it's done very well in all of them, so… More

  • Phlox Question:

    ...it them. I did read that it helps to not get them wet but, frankly, that is a bit hard to do! I does rain down!! Any suggestions would be… More

  • Radishes Gone Wrong

    I planted some radishes in a raised bed garden. The seed pack said to keep them moist to avoid a "hot and woody" radish. Did that. The seed pack( and other books I've read) said to wait 20-30 days to harvest. Did that. But this is what I wound up… More

  • Spilanthes

    ...lanthes next spring.The summers here are cool and wet normally.Has anyone in such a climate tried growing it?? More

  • Foxglove seedlings

    ...ke it through the winter? I'm in zone 8--mild and wet winters. More

  • columbine

    ...olumbine to get a second flowering? shade or sun? WET OR MOIST? More

  • I'm all wet

    Let it rain. Today is a rain day. More

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