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Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping Willow Tree Articles

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  • weeping willow

    I posted some worries i had about my willow tree a few weeks back and was told my tree had *canker*, well the tree had all the characteristics of canker and appearance wise it was dead. You could just pull on one of the thick branches and it would just… More

  • This is me...

    My name is Jen. I live in Southwestern PA. I have always had house plants of some sorts. I believe my one phyladendrum (sp?) is almost ten years old. My favorite inside plant is a spider plant. I have numerous 'babies' in water all over the house. I just can't… More

  • Weeping Willow Problem..

    ...o. to be found here. Have a dilema. We have a few weeping willow trees on our property, one of them being huge and our primary source of shade for the back yard. Well, as luck would have it… More

  • For fun: Top 15 Wish List

    ...ial 2. cork screw or shell vine 3. weepping pussy willowMore

  • Ideas on shade (fruit) trees

    Hello, I'm looking into shade trees for my zone 8 backyard. This tree would receive plenty of sunshine throughout the day during the summer. Ideally, I'd like to have a fruit bearing tree (peach? apricot?) but I believe these trees do best with other trees of their same ilk around… More

  • sickened weeping willow

    I have had my weeping willow for four years and the end of summer of last year and the leaves on it started to turn yellow (was way too early for fall). I noticed on the base of it, the bark was cracking something awful, it looked like it had… More

  • Moving a weeping willow tree

    ...rning lots. I need some "tree" help - I planted a weeping willow tree from a starter limb about a year ago and now it has taken off unfortunately I live in a mobile home park and am… More

  • Weeping willow

    Is it possible to over-water a weeping willow? I recently bought my second weeping willow. My first one was in a spot that it never got enough water, so I planted the second one in a spot that gets a lot of water. The leaves at the top of the… More

  • Weeping Pussy Willow

    I'm thinking about getting a weeping pussy willow tree. You know, one that's grafted. I was thinking about putting it out front but I wouldn't know where yet. Anyone have experience with these? More

  • Weeping Willow Tree Turning Yellow

    We have a two year old weeping willow which has been growing and looking healthy until the past week. Suddenly it is turning yellow. It's in a great location, plenty of sun; altho we've had drought here in Georgia, over the past month we've had quite a bit of rain.… More