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  • Hummingbird moth?

    ...reatures? I saw one a couple years ago when I was weeding and was amazed at the resemblence to the bird. The one I saw was iridescent and that's what had caught my eye. lol I was looking for a picture and… More

  • Onions???

    ...ctley? I dont want to pull anything out when I am weeding . My kids love to help pul;l weedsMore

  • midwest weeds field guide??

    ...of a good field guide available for common garden weeds found in wisconsin or the general midwest???? I am a landscaper/gardener and it would be nice to cruise through some of my weeding /cleanup jobs without second guessing every once in a while thanx More

  • must have gardening tool

    ...h fork? what I like my little hand rake great for weeding digging loosening soil whatever More

  • Garden location

    ...obably small to some of you but HUGE to me. Hello weeding! My first halfway large vegetable garden so I'll be loaded with questions. Anyway, the spot I… More

  • New Bed Mowing Question

    In the spring when the green leaves of the Resurrection/Surprise/Naked Lady lilly are full size, can they be mowed to a height of, say, 3 or 4" without killing the bulb or ruining future flower production? I ask because I planted about 100 bulbs along a long fence and for… More

  • I have just bought this weeder for my daughter in law

    I have just purchased this weeder. It comes highly recommended. I am giving it to my daughter in law as one of her birthday presents. I thought it would make weeding their 20 acres a little easier. I am impressed so far. I will give you my observations as soon… More

  • Weeds, weeds, weeds

    ...y mind!!! :rolleyes: I love gardening, but I hate weeding. Is there anything that can be done for the weeds? I must say to begin with, I don't mulch. I have put compost in my veggie and flower garden but that's it. I have heard… More

  • Unidentified, bulb, blue flower

    ...h all the rain in California.. we have so M A N Y weeds this season, so between work and weeding, i… More

  • very tall plant with yellow spike of flowers

    ...d I have spared it and allowed it to grow without weeding it out, and though it has that weedy appearance, the huge furry leaves… More

  • "Maggot?"

    Today I was in the garden weeding and I pulled up a really thick area of grass and noticed that there was alittle white worm looking thing in the dirt. Now this "thing" was close to a corn plant that didn't make it, so is it possible that is what… More

  • Is this a rose plant??

    While weeding my messy flower bed this "found" me! I reached down to pull out some weeds and got a thorn in my finger instead. At first I thought it must be a rose plant but, it's kinda tall and now I'm not so sure. If it is a rose… More

  • What's ripe you ask.....Cucumbers!

    ...e it when I see the outcome of all that planting, weeding of course watering! I'll be making pickles this Sunday! More

  • Weeding Lily of the Valley?

    Hi all, I'm new here and to gardening, so forgive me if this is a silly question. Part of my yard has Lily of the Valley and last year I noticed that grass was growing admist it, actually growing taller than it some cases, since I couldn't mow it. I… More

  • Biggest Weeding secret Weapon

    ...ello, I am going to share with you all my biggest weeding secret weapon of all time. After years of using different tools my client from Korea introduced me to the Korean hand plow. I do everything with it. From weeding, to planting perennials, edging beds, etc. etc. some garden… More

  • Chemical weeding that won't kill thyme??

    ...ses keep plopping themselves where I have already weeded by hand. This has got to stop! :mad: Are there any chemical weeders that thyme won't be killed by??? More

  • Gardening has no age limit

    ...om today of my Mother-in-Law after about 4 hrs of weeding her flower garden. She is 82 years young and is posing with her dog Rusty. John More

  • Silly question.....

    ... wondering if you could just mulch right over the weeds and smother them on out or if you have to pull the weeds before mulching. And yes, I guess I am lazy or just really, really… More

  • A question about the attacking plant

    I was just on my side yard weeding a very overgrown area and one of the weeds attacked me. It feels alot like nettles but I didnt see anything like that. Are area is red, stings and has bumps. The stinging comes and goes in intensity. What other obnoxious weedsMore

  • Mystery veggie

    I was out and about in the garden last night weeding and spotted a seedling- of some sort of squash, pumpkin or gourd- not sure which- all I know is last fall I tossed the pumpkins and squash etc we used as decoration for the fall out in the yard… More

  • sunny & 65

    ... Incredible day on the Oregon Coast, Ive been out weed eating, planting, weeding, stirring compost. I found some beautiful flowers I had no idea were living in my yard. No idea what they are. i will post pics later!!!! More

  • Preparing the Periennial Garden bed after winter

    Hi everyone!! I have been raking and weeding and I was wondering... How do you remember exactly what to weed when you know your periennials will be coming up soon. How do you prepare your beds for Spring? Thanks a bunch! Blessings, Lily More

  • Weeding

    ... so depressing to me in the garden. All I see are weeds everywhere and it's so hard to enjoy all the beautiful flowers and veggies I've planted. Can someone who loves weeding please give me suggestions on how to enjoy it. More

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