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Wax Myrtle

Wax Myrtle Articles

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  • Fertilizer for wax myrtles?

    I recently planted 30 wax myrtles in front of the fence and am wondering what kind of fertilizer I should use and how much. Any ideas? More

  • The Neighborhood Dog and My Shrubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did not know where to post this so i will try here. We have a so called neighborhood dog who roams around freely and is fed by a lot of us because she was abused and everyone loves her. She is a nice, beautiful, friendly, yellow short haired Chow… More

  • Planting My Shrubs, What To Add To Soil??

    ...so but you guys are the BEST! I have read that my Wax Myrtles can adapt to any soil but prefer slightly acidic and well draining soil.(my soil drains FAST!) They stated to "modestly amend with organic matter"… More

  • My Soil Needs To Be More Acidic!

    ...c? I tested the Ph and it is at 7.0. I am plantng Wax Myrtles and want them to be in the best soil but when I read up about them I learned… More

  • Not A Cutting But A 'Start'?

    ...ing'? lol How often should I water my 2 foot tall Wax Myrtles after I put them in the ground? I know they love water but I… More

  • How Long Until My Hedges Are

    ...ou know when they are 'established'? I planted my Wax Myrtle Hedges about 11 days ago and THANK GOD we have had a storm over Florida and it… More

  • Could Bugs Cause Leaf Spotting and Curling?

    ...b of the year here!!!!!!!!:( I have newly planted Wax Myrtle Shrubs (5 weeks) and I am seeing that SOME of their new leaves are coming in curled crooked and/or with light brown spots!!! I saw a baby caterpillar and have noticed some munching on the leaves. Are my… More

  • Wax Myrtle Spacing?

    Hello all! I want to plant a row of wax myrtles to screen or buffer for privacy. My problem is that I am having difficulty in finding out about spacing. One website said "every 10 feet." I have also seen "every 5 feet." This is quite a variance. Does anyone… More

  • Planting Wax Myrtle Hedge

    ...d I want to do things right. I want to plant some Wax Myrtle for a privacy hedge (only need a 20 foot strip covered). I have read and heard that spacing them 5 feet apart is… More

  • How Much Of Sulphur Do I Add?

    Ok, "brownthumb" here! I am planting my Wax myrtle Shrubs and I have 5 of them. I purchased Sulphur to add to the soil because my soil is more alkaline than it is acid and Wax myrtle thrive better in slightly acidic soil. The directions on the 4 lb package… More

  • What is considered Full Sun??

    ...need to ask silly questions. I am picking up some Wax Myrtles tomorrow for a privacy hedge I need. The area is only 20'long. I have read and re-read a lot about the Wax Myrtle and they… More

  • Crape Myrtle or Wax Myrtle?

    ...g out if a tree in my yard is a crape myrtle or a wax myrtle, and thought maybe someone here can help. The tree was here when we moved in, but it must have been planted as part of the landscaping within about the past… More