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Watering Indoor Plants

Watering Indoor Plants Articles

Watering Indoor Plants Videos

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  • avacado

    ...bably in shock...it's normal for any plant coming indoors (or going outdoors) if there wasn't any slow adjustment to the new conditions. Keep you Avocado in as best light you can give it until spring and water sparingly ...not dry but not… More

  • overwintering azalea indoors??

    I was kinda 'duh' this summer and planted a small azalea that I was moving into a ceramic planter. I can't leave it out because when it freezes it will crack. Yes, I could replant it I suppose... But can I either make it a house plant for the winter,… More

  • Recognize My Plant?

    ...ten on the tag. No name. I want to keep the plant indoors but I'm not sure if it is ok. Does anyone recognize it, know what… More

  • avocado....

    ...ds of doing this, either by sprouting the seed in water or by actually planting the seed in soil. Many people start avocado trees as novelty… More

  • new to growing your own veg (INDOORS)

    ...i everyone! Am new to growing your own veg... but indoors and in containers. I've just recently moved into a new flat which feels like a greenhouse. Am trying to grow a selection for veggies in container and have had a few attempts and no real success. At the moment....its… More

  • Corn kernels stuck in my Bromeliad!

    ...have to climb up on the shelf where I keep all my indoor gardening stuff to get to their food. I also have plants and a grow light there.… More

  • Hello from beginner gardener in B.C Canada!

    Hello, I am new to this site and somewhat new to gardening. I grew up on a small farm in Oregon, but now live with my husband and daughter (16 months old) in B.C. Canada. I have a small "rock" garden that I have been working on now for the… More

  • Hello to you all from Australia!!

    .... Don't have a garden, all my plants are in pots, indoors & out, & so far, they mostly seem very happy. Early spring… More

  • Growing Impatiens

    ... direct sun from 10.30 am onwards?I promise I';ll water them everyday if need be :D I read on the net that the impatiens need shade.. if thats true, should I rather make… More

  • Pointsettias

    ...ttias to bloom if you're keeping them in pots for indoor use next Christmas season. I'd like to know how I can plant them permanently outside. I've seen many mature ones growing in this area, but can't seem to find… More

  • Can I plant my Acuba cuttings?

    ...Should I just put them in a container and keep it indoors until next spring?… More

  • Can I root tri color sage in water?

    ... rooting some of my herbs so that I can have some indoor plants that will last me through winter. I have read the posts about rooting basil so I think I can manage that part. But can I root my tri-color sage the same… More

  • caring for potted lily

    Hello all, need some help with a dwarf lily I picked up at the grocery store. It is in a pot and has already bloomed; the leaves are still there. How do I care for this little thing?? I'd like to leave it in a pot, but would it do… More

  • Cyclamen

    ...got another one. I don't know what's going on. My indoor plants are dying, my outdoor plants that are indoors for winter are thriving... everything's backwards! My cyclamen is dying. Small pot. It's been going for a good year. Now its dying off..and I'm down to one… More

  • Rooting In Water/In Soil

    Question: How do I plant herbs rooted water? I've gotten advice from people who claim they haven't had luck, so I'd like some advice from people who have had luck lol. Question 2: How should I plant cuttings in soil? I know it works but I don't seem to be… More

  • indoor growing

    ...ps for fuiting and blooming. Gona try 8-10 tomato plants,… More

  • Brown Basil Leaves?

    ...appens to my plants in pots outside as well as my indoor basil. Any ideas? Not enough water? Too much? Does Basil get… More

  • Avocado Plant

    Even a small Avocado plant/tree should be potted in at least a 10-12" pot....roots fill up a 6" pot rather quickly. They like to be moist but not saturated. Use a soil medium that drains quickly as they resent "wet-feet"...I've always added horticultural grade sand to mine. African Violet mix… More

  • Watering of Newly Planted Bare Root Rose

    ... am wondering how often and how much it should be watered. Please help. This is my first rose and I have two others coming from Jackson & Perkins in a week or so and I want to give… More

  • Watering

    When is the best time to water your flower gardens. I water mine early in the morning. But a friend told me to do it in the evening so the water has time to soak in. Otherwise the sun drys it out before it can really soak in. Opinions anyone… More

  • Watering How do you know?

    ... laughing. Seems most veggies call for an inch of water a week. How the heck are you supposed to know when you have given them an inch? Is that all at once? As in once a week? Seems like in hot or windy weather it would require more… More

  • Mini Rose Care Indoor/Outdoor Help!

    I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say. I think I have "green thumb potential" but I definitely need a gardening mentor, so I'm currently taking applications. As I mentioned in my profile, my husband and I are currently living in NW Pennsylvania. Around Valentines day I purchased… More

  • Watering Seedlings

    ...ble garden ever. My seeds have germinated and the plants are 2-4 inches tall. I have them in (small) jiffy pots now. Anyway my question is how much should you water young plants. I have no idea. Thanks, pL More

  • Self watering gardens

    ...y for 1 week and afraid my garden will die if not watered. I have some container veggies but most are in the ground. I read somewhere on here where you can use plastic jugs… More

  • how to take care of plant watering when someone away from home.

    ...ethod to water the plants during the time, i have indoor plants like croton, daieffenbachia and others and i have placed them under florescent light, please note here we don't have… More

  • Watering question...

    ...'t seem to find the happy medium.....are you on a watering schedule, or do you just water when it occurs to you or ????? Thanks! Jessie More

  • Watering Systems???

    CAN SOMEONEPLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME WITH A watering SYSTEM THAT ACTUALLY WORKS FOR MORE THEN 15 MINUTES? Im talking attachements here every one I use drips and or sprays like mad.Anyone try the ORBIT 12 piece watering System?? Thank you! Kale :eek: :eek: :eek: More

  • Watering using old bottles

    ...in the bottom or using string as a wick, and then watering buy topping up the bottles instead of using lots of water. It is supposed to save a… More

  • Homemade Self Watering Containers Instructions

    ...containers. And like me want to grow them in self-watering containers. I just got a line on a possible source of "blue boxes" that I might use....hehehe....ok...yeah,… More

  • my plants look lil off colored some help peas?

    ok so i havent been watering the babies daily like i should be im corious what will help with this the leaves look diffish colors this year ive been using my terracycle worm poo fertaliser prettymuch soely add to top of soiul after waytering an yea lety the nutrrients sink… More

  • Gardening with Drought Tolerant Plants (Xeriscaping)

    ...g more prominent, a lot of people are looking for plants and garden designs that need less water. So I thought I'd start a thread on gardening with drought tolerant plants. If anyone has experience with or questions about xeriscaping and… More

  • Watering vegetable gardens.

    ...er and allow the top of the soil dry a bit before watering. More

  • Tomato Plants

    I've been reading all your posts. No wonder ya don's have any fruit DonnaMarie. I do feed my tomatoes weekly(every sunday). Since i use mainly a mix of organic-and a tad of the *BLUE STUFF* My fertilizer is made very very mildly. I make up fish emultions as the pkg… More

  • Watering seeds

    ...ts and seeds, lettuce, spinach and broccoli seeds indoors in a soiless mixture. They are in a small pots in a ziplock bag. How often should I water these seeds? More

  • Watering on the third floor what to do?

    ...ke great pride in my hanging baskets each Summer. watering drives me nuts! I spend hours each week, holding my heavy watering can in one hand and a dishpan in the other to catch the water before it goes splashing… More

  • Self Watering

    ...rilled holes in the bottom so the tubs would hold water. * the top insert tub was cut down… More