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Water & Irrigation

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  • Fir Mulch/Cedar Mulch and what i learned can anyone help

    So here is what I have learned with fir mulch and I would very much like some feedback. I live in California, I had a gardener convince me to put home depot mulch, fir mulch, on all of my beds. About 2 inches deep it was placed in the spring… More

  • shade tree for dogs?

    Hi, I am new here. I am looking for advice. I live in Ohio. harsh winters. have a 2 year old husky, use a runner for her to be outside the 2 bushes are old. just bought our house 2 years old. would like some shade to let her lay… More

  • OMG; look....Weeds NO MORE

    Look what I found, I am in glee over it. Wanted to share it with you all as I will be going the store right now to buy the 15% 20 liter of this Vingear. I have some that is 80% but have not used it yet as it is… More

  • "Genetically Modified Root Systems"...

    ...Systems Result In Plants That Survive With Little water ScienceDaily (July 30, 2008) — A part of the global food crisis is the inefficiency of current irrigation methods. More irrigated water evaporates than reaches the roots… More

  • Tucson Arizona Gardening HELP!!

    ... as this rental has only gravel for a yard and no irrigation system. Any suggestions as to making it all work here? I have a 1/2 whiskey barrel in the mostly shaded patio and it's FULL of herbs (note to… More

  • irrigation question

    ... in a community veggie garden at church. Our well water is high sulphur and high iron. Do either of those hurt anything? The lawns thrive on it. No sure about veggies. More

  • Water gardens as water retention areas

    My husband and I are planning a new larger veggie garden area and a paver patio area. The patio will be next to the house so we need to be mindful of drainage. He wants to put a drain line under the patio and run it the side yard to… More

  • Slanted Flowerbeds to Water More Efficiently?

    ...nd place a soaker hose at the back? Shouldn't the water soak all of the plants pretty efficiently that… More

  • Irrigation topics

    ...re about irrigation in a gardening forum ? Saving Water & fertilizer thanks to this forum tips… More