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Walnut Tree

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  • Good Morning all, Friday!!!

    ...to work tomarrow as I need to start thinning some walnut trees out of my horse… More

  • Socks

    ... regularly because I feed them. I also have black walnut, hickory, oak, and chestnut trees for the deer and squirrels to consume. As for SOCKS, she is too tame and will come… More

  • Tulip Bulbs Squirrels Love Them!

    ...bs to get me excited next spring! We have English Walnut trees over 100 years old, plus Hickory trees in our back yard. Why can't they just… More

  • New pathway of leaves and pine needles

    ...trees and have lots of leaves from my old english walnut trees. It… More

  • Trillium...Red vs. White

    This is a wildflower question & I don't see an appropriate forum, so I'll put it here. In a nearby woods, trilliums grow bountifully. There is the very occasional white one, but almost all are red. I understand that in most places, it's the white that is more common. Might… More

  • JUJUBI Anyone?

    ...h wrinkles...unripe they taste like an apple with walnutsMore

  • Planting under Walnut trees?

    ...ld love advice on plants to grow under my english walnut trees. The only plants that grow well so far are daylily and bleeding heart along with spring bulbs like grape hyacinth,daffodils and bluebells. Help a newbie out...please! :D Thanks More

  • Paulownia Trees

    Tree has also just made invasive species list. I have dug and transplanted several. They have an ENORMOUS tap root. The do grow very quickly and are valuable as timber for that reason, (can be harvested in a much shorter time than traditional hardwoods OR softwoods). The blossom is very… More

  • black walnut tree

    I have a black walnut tree in my yard that has not developed any fruit this year. I had tons last year and the years before. does anyone know what would cause it not to have any this year???:confused: More

  • What perennials are not bothered by a black walnut tree?

    ...e an area that is about 12 feet away from a black walnut tree. Nothing is growing there at the moment and I understand that black walnuts give off some kind of chemical or gas . What plants will survive in that area? More

  • Black Walnut Tree Problem

    Our new home has several black walnut trees which bear a lot of nuts. We have noticed an increase in the number of branch tips that are falling off the trees. They are not large branches, but look to be almost the last ten inches of branches that have some… More

  • Is this a walnut tree?

    I grew this from seedling that I found in my backyards. Would love to get verification, so I can decide were to plant it permanently in the ground. Picture: http://bit.ly/YNoWi More

  • Walnut trees & Tomato plants

    Hello, I have walnut trees near my garden. Last year, I was able to grow peppers, zucchini, cucumber and beans, but not tomatoes. I've since learned that the soil near walnut trees kills tomato plants. I'd like to have tomatoes...any ideas for inexpensive containers to use within the garden? Raised… More

  • Veggies and Black Walnut Trees

    I have a large black walnut tree and AFTER planting my garden found out about black walnut toxicity. Does anyone know how far away from the tree I must move my garden? thanks! More

  • Walnut tree help, please!

    ... just moved into a new home. We have a few walnut trees. Along with many other different trees We have seen many walnuts on the ground and decided to see what they looked like inside. We now realize we need someone else's help figuring out how to utilize these… More