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  • african violet for Harley

    The leaf I sent you? the one I was not sure was the blue/purple white edged flower? Here it is blooming. So you did get a cutting from this one. More

  • propagating african violet leaf problem

    Thanks! I chopped off that section and we'll see what happens. I appreciate your response!:) More

  • African Violet

    This white AV is just outdoing itself with flowers this time around. It was a cutting from my sister a few years ago. Even the pink one is doing nicely. Linda B More

  • More Violet Pics...

    I have posted a bunch more, if you would like to go see them. I even added registered names, lol. ;) More

  • African violet and begonia cuttings

    Vera are you saying the Stem of the leaf ( petiole) goes in the soil and not the leaf lying on the soil surface? I have always heard that you lay the leaf flat on the surface of the soil . swindyi More

  • Help! African Violet with Broken Neck

    :eek: I just stumbled onto this site while trying to find out what to do about my AV. I've had it for 10 years now, and I'm afraid I'm going to lose it! My dad, while trying to help me out, decided to repot my plant and in the process,… More

  • any ideas on this wildflower?

    ...ving- the leaves look similar to that of a native violet but the blooms are all wrong for the ones I know of. Any ideas what it… More

  • Zinnia's

    ...e.But I found some Zinna seed I had to have.Giant Violet Queen I have never seen a purple zinnia.The picture is so pretty.:) More

  • too pretty to be weeds.....

    ...! They will take over the yard if I let them.... "Violet Wood Sorrel" according to my sources. About the size of a penny across. More

  • African Violet Pics

    I have posted a bunch More AV Pictures, If you want to go check them out... More

  • African Violet with two different colored flowers.

    One of my african violets has two flowers. One is pure white and one is half white and half purple. Is this normal? More


    ...rious as to why you want the leaves of an African violet. More

  • Sad day in the African violet world

    ...such a help to me when I first started my African Violet obsession. She will be dearly missed. If you love AV's and want to visit her website, please do... Rachel of the Rachel's Reflections website has passed away with a stroke. Her website is and… More

  • Violet Jelly

    ...If I can find enough voilets I think I'll try it. violet Jelly 8 cups fresh violet blossoms 3-1/2 cups boiling water 1 package (1-3/4 ounces) powdered fruit pectin 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 4 cups sugar Rinse and… More

  • My African Violet Starts Success!!

    ...share some pictures of my success with my African Violet starts! I am so happy that they've done so well so far. I will post once I plant them into soil soon! More

  • My African Violet Starts Success!!

    ...share some pictures of my success with my African Violet starts! I am so happy that they've done so well so far. I will post once I plant them into soil soon! More

  • FYI Ultra violet ribbon to attract hummingbirds

    ...ng I'd never heard of was to tie a piece of ultra violet ribbon on the perches. I'd never heard of that type ribbon, but I thought I'd pass the info along. Anyone ever… More

  • African Violet leaves

    ...and good morning to all! I have a hanging african violet and I just love it but some of the leaves are faded like/not as green as the others?It is flowering right now but I know with the leaves lighter either too much water which I do not believe… More

  • HELP! Droopy African Violet

    I recently found my little African Violet plant in a sad droopy state. I had been treating it organically with lemongrass oil for Midge pests and got that under control but now I notice that the leaves are drooping. Could it be from the pests, the treatment to repel them… More

  • Baby African Violet

    I've been neglecting my violets :0 and I finally gave into the shame when behold! there's a baby violet growing under there. A little research has proven however that this is not so ideal given the location of my new child. Momma violet is old enough to have gotten a… More