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Vines & Climbers

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  • Making Cuttings of Grape Vines

    I have a grape vine that is quite old, at least 30+ years. It is very overgrown and out of control. So I have a plan to make several cuttings and begin a small vinyard in my side yard which gets full sun for most of the day. I have… More

  • Morning Glory Vines

    I would like to plant a flowering vine which will grow in partial shade. I have started Morning Glory seeds, but I am fearful they will die. Any suggestions as to a partial shade vine (shade in the am) which will grow at the Jersey Shore? Thanks More

  • Easy care vines?

    ...ested in growing a Climbing Hydrandea and or Kiwi vine. Oh yes and a Grape vine too! Which grape vine, I am not sure. Any succes or failures anyone care to share? Thanks! :D More

  • using vines to shield deck from sun

    I have a bungalow in downtown D.C. that runs east-west, hence the rear gets intense afternoon sun. I plan to build a 12x20'deck connecting to the middle floor which is 8' off the ground and using the building for the rear side. I am hoping someone has some advice for… More

  • Help!! Need help with cukes and pumpkin vines!!

    Ok, i live in Georgia, and I have worked really hard on my mini garden (mostly tomatoes) and have already picked, given away and had so much salsa and so many BLT's, that i don't know what do to anymore!!! We planted some better boys along with some nice heirloom… More

  • Trees, shrubs, vines, etc.

    I am planning some changes to my yard this year, and I am looking for some ideas for establishing a nice backdrop around the perimeter of the yard using trees and shrubs. One particular area I am having trouble with is my front walkway: I have a garden at the… More

  • Need idea to grow vines in pots with trellising

    ...mato cages I think those would be cool to use for vines of all kinds but where do you get them and how could I make them myself. Got any Ideas! Carol More

  • Vine Lovers Unite Lets Talk Vines!

    ...grow Morning glories and Cinnamon vine, Sweet Pea vines, tropical, annual, perennial love… More

  • Help/advice/suggestions with my grape vines please.

    I have a 2 year old concord seedless and a 3 year old flame grapes growing up a pergola. Any experienced grape growers out there? My question is how often do you water them and do they need fertilizer. My grapes seem to be growing good. I made the mistake… More

  • Free Bittersweet Vines & Flava Trumpet Vines U Dig!!

    Free for the Digging! Bittersweet vines that produce bright red/yellow berries used for Crafting and also wildlife restoration projects..you have to have Male and Female vines, I have these... Flava and also Madamne Galien Trumpet vines. Flava is a light yellow and Galien is a light peachy/pink/rose color. Bring buckets… More

  • Question about my tomato vines

    ...white hairs or whatever u wana call em on the tom vines will if conditions are right become roots, thats why it is… More

  • Plain answers about vines... Please!!

    ...ny where we were stationed and miss the beautiful vines that grew… More

  • What kind of vines do you use to bring them in?

    I was wondering what kinds of vines do you use to bring in those Hummingbirds. I have the trumpet vines and I have a sweet pea vine now what else can we use? Carol Northern Indiana Thanks I will try everything you suggested!! Carol More

  • Invasive vines

    ...t our house, the inspector told us there were two vines that we would have to get rid off because they were invasive. The more invasive of the two (it was interfering with the side entrance into our house) I managed to uproot last weekend, although I have… More

  • Antique vines

    In the 1950s, my mother had a beautiful vine on a trellis on he back porch. It had delicate coral color blooms. All the old timers in Texas had them but I can't remember the name. Can anyone help me? More

  • help me ID these vines

    zone 9-11. These are flowering vines. More

  • How to propagate vinca vines?

    I have some lovely vinca vines, so I was wondering if anyone knows how to propagate them? Last season I cut them and used rooting hormones to see if they would root but that didn't work. I maybe cut them wrong, as didn't know what I was doing. I have… More

  • mexican flame vines

    Been out of town and had NOT read latest posts. As far as I know the person on Garden Web still has some of these seeds. More


    I am looking for advice on pruning. Earlier this yr, I cut a long piece off, and it started to bleed. I had to cover it with wax from a candle.So I now know how to cure a cut, but when exactly does one prune. I pot on my cutting's… More

  • trumpet vines will not bloom

    I planted a yellow blooming trumpet vine three years ago. The vine is is doing well; however, has not had any blooms. Any suggestions? More

  • Do you grow these Common named Vines?

    I just found after much research that some of the vines I have been looking for actually have more of a common name they go by I have tried finding them by each name but now maybe these more common names will be found in someones garden. Star or Twin… More

  • Vines

    ...n zone 9 if not 9A. I need advice on what typw of vine would grow goon in this zone. Requirements: 1 - Has flowers, different colors. 2 - climbing type, I don't want to have to go out and tie it to fence. 3 - water,… More

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