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  • yellow trumpet vine

    ...e to know where I could purchase a yellow trumpet vine. I live in the Gloden Horseshoe Area of Ontario. More

  • wintering vincas...possible?

    ...e, but long & trailing.If anyone knows how to care for it, I'd love to… More

  • cantalope

    ...is is my first yr to have a good lookin cantalope vine. nice blooms and has gotten to be about 5 ft across. i have straw down under it but will that take care of melons when they start growin??? More

  • What the heck plant is this??

    A friend gave me this little sad houseplant two years ago, it was just about dead. I've had to growing in my garden/kitchen window for some time, and this summer I took it out to the deck. It was left there, in the sun, wind, rain all summer long and… More

  • Identify this vine

    ...seeds in pea-like pods, small purple flowers, the vines will cover the entire fence, and can survive through some frost in… More

  • cypress vine seeds for trade

    Hello all. I have ALOT of cypress vine seeds for trade. (Also known as hummingbird vine) I have mostly red but I do have a small amount of pink & red mix as well. If anyone is interested in tradeing, please send me a message.Thanks! More

  • mexocan flame vine

    Will pay postage for seeds of Mexican Flame Vine. More

  • Clematis vs Lace Vine

    ...said that was a Clematis but was also called Lace Vine. With my inquisitive nature I came… More

  • need help choosing a vine

    I need help choosing a vine. It is for the entery way to my side yard and I get nothing but shade there. I am in zone 8 if this helps. My idea for the vine is this....There are 2 poles standing where a small gate used to be. I… More

  • wanted lilacs

    My in-laws are both in scooters now and unable to care for their garden/yard like they used to. It has gone wild for about three years now but I have finally talked them into letting me clean it up and maintain it for them. I have most of the lean… More

  • Kinda New

    Hi everyone, I have been here about a month. Been reading lots of blogs and getting to know a few people. I am in the northeastern part of Indiana, zone 5. Have been gardening off and on for several years. I have always wanted a cottage garden, but don't know… More

  • please help me!

    ...ars now, and it has always been very easy to take care of. it wilts, i water it, it goes back to its previous lovely state. lately it has been looking not as healthy. some of the leaves have… More

  • Help with Houseplant IDs

    ...ot sure what they are. Can anyone help? Plant 1 - Vine or ivy like, grows like… More

  • Got creative in the pea patch today!!!!!

    I have told you in the messages past that my peas have really shot up, and was having trouble finding big enough things to stake them to, well I got creative today!!!! If I had not done what I did today, these were on the verge of snapping off!!! I… More

  • "California Home Gardener"

    I visited mastergardeners.org which led me to "Garden tips for Los Angeles County" (other Cali. County info. available). Thought people from Cali might want to know about the sites and people from Los Angeles (are there any? :( ) would want to read the following I copied from http://celosangeles.ucdavis.edu/Garden_Tips_for_Los_Angeles_County/January.htm "January… More

  • My central Oklahoma yard

    I am attaching a few shots taken of my yard this spring. I think my favorite part is the Golden Moneywort path. It just lights up an otherwise dark area of my yard. The Japanese Aucuba helps to carry on the bright yellow theme. I also added a variegated Impatien,… More

  • We have a new pergola and I would love some ideas and tips.

    ...dea was to get some big planters and plant annual vines in them, but I'm worried about the top because the rods just snap… More

  • Plants Poisonous to your cats!!!

    This does not mean the whole plant but sometimes parts but is best to keep them out of reach regardless Plants Poisonous to Cats Almond (Pits of) Aloe Vera Alocasia Amaryllis Apple (seeds) Apple Leaf Croton Apricot (Pits of) Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Autumn Crocus Avacado (fuit and pit) Azalea Baby's… More

  • Roasted Tomatoes to enjoy now or later

    I think you will love this Roasted Tomato Spread! Enjoy! Gary/Louisville Roasted Tomato Spread Ingredients: Tomatoes Olive oil Salt and Pepper Basil Garlic You need enough large tomatoes , and the riper the better and cut in half, which will cover the bottom of an 8 by 12 inch casserole… More

  • SOOO Much to Trade!! Here's my updated list!

    Plants and Cuttings I have to trade: *Note: We grow completely organic only. • -Tamarix 'Summer Glow' - cuttings • -Willows: CUTTINGS: Salix Mats.'Golden Curls'(brilliant golden yellow bark, orange/red stems, green curly leaves-stunning, S. 'Dragon Claws", 'Hakura Nishiki', S. purpurea nana (Dwarf Blue Arctic), S. pur. pendula (Weeping Blue/Purple Arctic),… More

  • Something bit my pumpkin vine!

    Something bit my pumpkin vine. This spot is about 3 feet in the air. The vine looks ok otherwise. Should I prune it off or let it go? More

  • Vine Forum could we start one?

    I would love to have a vine Forum it would be so much easier to find things in a vine forum that would cover Annual or Perennial vine growing with a seed exchange.. Thanks your all doing a great job ! Carol More

  • What is this vine?

    ...was wondering if anyone can help me identify this vine? It is growing all over my fence, and spreads every year. I really like it, however it started getting these rust coloured spots this year and seems to be dying (leaves start with the spots, then eventually shrivel, turn… More

  • Zone 7 4 season vine?

    ...ernardino National Forest in California. I need a vine that is evergreen, (if it turns colors in the fall/winter that would be a plus), climbs… More

  • Please ID this vine

    This vine came with a rose that was given to me, and it is going wild. Thanks John More

  • please someone let me know what this flowering vine is

    i am trying to find out what this vine is with a white flower with purple in the middle. If anyone could tell me i would be very greatful. More

  • What is this vine?

    Can anyone tell me what this vine is? My daughter recently moved to a new home in Franklin, NY and this vine is all over the back fence. The picture is of the seed pod which is about 1.5 inches in size and holds 4 dark brown seeds that are… More

  • Does anyone know the name of this Vine?

    I think it is a vine, it grows like one..my neighbor just gave me cuttings...and I would like to find out more about it, but I can not find anything on it...help Thanks:rolleyes: More

  • Snail vine/corkscrew... I am somewhat confused?

    ...r the other. Does it make a difference how I take care of it indoors this winter? Do I pot it, or can I store the root like a tuber in peat moss, etc...Is it a tuber, or a root? I have been searching and can not… More

  • What is this vine?

    I am trying to figure out what this vine is. I have tried to get a cutting and also some of the root and am having no luck. More

  • what vine is this?

    Can anyone tell me what kind of vine this is? It comes back every summer and grows really fast. I've never seen a flower on it. Thanks! More

  • Need help to ID this vine

    Can someone please help ID this vine? I got it as a cutting from a friend. I plan to overwinter it indoors. More

  • Looks like some kind of vine......

    I had these growing in my backyard. They look pretty but what are they? More

  • What is this crazy vine?

    I would love for anyone to tell me what type of vine this is. We just moved in this house in November and it was not as rampant as it seems to be growing this spring. However, it seems like it was planted intentionally. Thank You! More

  • Trumpet Vine

    I greatly like Trumpet vine and I need it to spread on a sort of hill in my backyard that is gravel covered. I am a bit hesitant to plant it because of its very invasive nature. The container with a stem of this vine is sitting in my deck… More

  • Please help ID vine

    I planted seeds in this little container, but I forgot what I planted please help. Thanks John More

  • Sweet potatoe vine

    I want to grow a sweet potato vine. Can I start it from the tuber and not grow sweet potatoes? I just want the vine, not the veggie. More

  • Vine ID help

    please help id these 3 vines. I think the first one is Virginia creeper? The 2nd Poison Ivy? and the 3rd no clue it is a vine and growing over my hydrangea. Help please More

  • looking for peach vine

    I have berry vines to trade or house plants More

  • Need help identifying Vine

    Hi, I've been searching to find out what this vine is. These pictures were taken today (late october) in North Carolina. It's a very fast growing vine. Thank you for your help! More

  • Unknown Vine

    ...ot get a good ID. The only suggestion was a grape vine, but I know that I did not plant grape seeds. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I don't want an invasive vine. John More

  • Grape vine HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have grapes and the vine gets out of control and the grape stay small. If I cut the vine back will the grapes get larger or will it hurt the vines and grapes??? Any HELP would be great as I know nothing about them at all.. Thanks a bunch,… More

  • Easy care vines?

    ...ested in growing a Climbing Hydrandea and or Kiwi vine. Oh yes and a Grape vine too! Which grape vine, I am not sure. Any succes or failures anyone care to share? Thanks! :D More