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  • Mountain Gardens

    Any other mountain gardeners out there? Like 7000' and higher? I'm at 8300' with lots of pines and aspens :) and scrub oak and rocks :( :( The thing I have a problem with is identifying what will and will not work at this altitude. That seems to affect the… More

  • wintering vincas...possible?

    I bought a vine the greenhouse called a vinca. I Googled it to find info on it. Google showed a vine with different leaves. Mine have rounded leaves with white edging,& is not a bushy vine, but long & trailing.If anyone knows how to care for it, I'd love to… More

  • What type of herbs for me?

    ...om the afternoon sun. The bed has previously held vinca - which I spent 3 years removing - much to 'snake-y' for me.… More

  • show me your mailboxes!

    hi! i just saw the post "show me your poolscape" which was great, but i need ideas for landscaping a pie-shaped area around my mailbox. it's in full sun in Missouri (zone 6 ). the pie shape is 1/4 of a circle. it's the inner corner where our driveway meets… More

  • Show Us Your Volunteers!

    ...e baby tomato. Wildflowers, 4 o'clocks, petunias, vincas, and morning glories. Show us yours!!! More

  • Living on the MOON in Zone 8

    Thanks for reading my post. Before you read any further...I made a mistake with my zone...USDA puts me in Zone 7, but the Sunset Garden Book puts me in 2B. I don't know which one to use. I live in the mountains near Big Bear, California, so I get snow… More

  • Popular Filler Plants?

    ...pular filler plants for container gardens besides vinca and asparagus fern? More

  • Vinca Goof Up

    ...s what else I got yesterday. I purchased some red vincas because mine did so well last year in The Butterfly Garden. When I went to plant them, I decided to… More

  • periwinkle vinca minor and weed killer?

    ...ler. is it okay from me to spray around and on my vinca minors? More

  • vinca major questions

    I planted 2 vinca majors this past spring and they are doing really well, but no blooms. What am I doing wrong? More

  • Any body done Vinca from seeds

    I had a gorgeous white vinca this year and it was so bushy. It is covered with seed and was thinking of trying them form my own seeds next year. Is there anything special they need to germinate? More

  • How to propagate vinca vines?

    I have some lovely vinca vines, so I was wondering if anyone knows how to propagate them? Last season I cut them and used rooting hormones to see if they would root but that didn't work. I maybe cut them wrong, as didn't know what I was doing. I have… More

  • Vinca Major

    How do you control this thing? I've got it popping up all over my yard. No matter how many times I pull it up it always comes back, and those roots are a pain to get at. It doesn't bloom much anymore either. I've heard that you should take a… More

  • Any experience with Vinca Major?

    Well, if you're in the yard and you hear "Feed me, Seymour!!" then you'll know you're in trouble. :) More

  • Vinca for my hosta garden?

    ...n another part of the yard we have some perennial vinca growing. I'm thinking about moving the vinca to the hosta garden so… More