Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning your refrigerator keeps it smelling fresh and your food clean, get expert house cleaning and house keeping tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Cleaning your refrigerator you want to make sure and use bleach. Use a half water and half bleach solution to make sure you get all the nasty mold spores out of the inside that you can’t see. When you clean the refrigerator you want to pull everything out and then pull each one of the racks and the doors out. You can clean them in the sink, and that makes it a lot easier, and then go around and wipe the whole inside with the bleach and water solution. Then, you want to go back in and wipe, rinse down, with just a pure water solution so there’s not just bleach sitting around in your refrigerator. You want to do the same thing for the freezer, make sure you pull everything out, and wipe everything down and then rinse it down and you can put everything back in. Make sure you get the handles and the sides, because those are big germ holders. If you have mildew spots in your refrigerator you can also use a one to one solution of hydrogen peroxide and water so half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Spray that wherever you have mildew and let it sit for thirty minutes, come back, wipe it down and the mildew will be gone.