Vitamin & Medicine Storage

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Storing vitamins and medicine close to water or a sink will make it easier to take your pills. Learn how to organize and store vitamins and medicine in your kitchen with expert tips in this free home organization video. View Video Transcript

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Something else that makes sense to keep in your kitchen is, are your vitamins. And I know a lot of people that also keep them in their bathroom or someplace where they are going to remember to take them every day. But I chose to keep mine in my kitchen and I chose this drawer just because of its proximity to the water and, and it's easily accessible and I know I'll remember to, to take them every day if they are in here. So, and, I, I don't, I, if you have a something where you divide them out in one of those little pill boxes that's a, it's a great place to keep it with, with the bottles as well in the, in the same drawer and any other supplies that you might need for taking your vitamins or your medications.