How to Organize the Office Desktop

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All right so I want to talk about some of the common problems that I see in desktop organization. These are problems that you might relate to personally. For example this desk here, it has a lot of items, for example this desk top here, the first problem I see is there is no desk surface at all and your desk is a work area so you really want to have a clean space where you can write and type at and also you want it to be free of distractions so you can really focus on your task at hand. Another problem I see is there are items that don't really belong to this desk. For example there is a remote control here and something like that should not be on a desk. And also I see items piled up on a piece of equipment and the weight might cause small damage to the equipment and also its making it hard to, its making the equipment a little bit less accessible as well. Also lets take a look at the office supplies here. I see a over flowing of office supplies. Al lot of them are actually extra items that don't have to be stored on a desk top at all since they are not being used on a daily basis. You really want to reserve your desk top for items that you use most frequently. This is like prime real estate, you are reserving it for the very best. Also I see some personal decorative items and these are perfectly fine on a desk top as long as you don't keep too many items on your desk that it becomes cluttered and you are distracted at work.