How to Organize Bookshelves

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron. On behalf of Expert Village I’m going to be talking to you about a well organized reference bookshelf that you can keep in your home office. So what I’ve done is you can see I’ve labeled everything so that everything with a quick glance of your eye, you can tell what you need to get and it’s arms reach with just standing up you can pull it off the shelf. Up here are references and also we have business card books so that when you have a contact that you really want to keep but not necessarily put in your PDA or your Microsoft outlook on the computer. You can keep it on hand but it doesn’t have to be one of your contacts on your phone and that’s right here. If you have personal ones you have a booklet for personal cards. If you have a business then you’d have one for business cards for business. These are also a really great invention for software references because it looks like a book, but when you open it it’s got little compartments for all of your software that has to do with the computer and restoring systems and programs if anything comes up that you need to fix. Then the next area I have on a reference bookshelf would be catalogs. These are really great catalog holders because they are sturdy and they’re also clear and so you can tell what is inside of the container. So I’ve separated there between home catalogs that I like to at for different furniture ideas and also organizing catalogs for small containers that fit in compartments. Then we also have one for references organizing solutions. These are magazines that are up to date. When things are not up to date you really should be ruthless and just get rid of them or give them to a friend, but they need to go off your shelf because we want to keep everything current that’s in your home office and at your fingertips. Otherwise, it needs to go in a place in deeper storage. The rest of the shelves are just books that have to do with business ideas and inspirational things that you like to keep on hand. At the very bottom of the shelf, I’d like you to notice this little basket that fits in perfectly. This I like to call the bits and pieces basket because we all have those little pieces of paper and receipts and business cards that junk up our pockets and our purses and coffee tables and things like that. So this is a great basket to have on hand because all of those items can be put in here and can be dealt with when you have some time.