How to Organize Under the Bathroom Sink

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Learn tips and techniques on how to organize products under the bathroom sink of your home in this free video on home organization. View Video Transcript

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One of the toughest spots to organize in a bathroom is the deep dark cupboard and the reason why it is so difficult is because it is hard to reach things in the back and so you really want to look at this like a logic problem. So we want to put things that we do not use very often in the back and things that we use more often of course, we put in the front. So this is really a good example of how you can mix and match containers to fit your needs and also to fit your space. What I have done is I have put things in here that I pretty much use every day but these things could also be used once a week. So in the back what we have done is put all duplicate items or items that are rarely used but you still need to have on hand, that is in this container back here and then in the front what we have done is we put extras of products, so all body lotions. Of course there can be a body lotion that is out but then when you want to try a different kind you just come down here, dental hygiene is another area and then hair products, hair sprays all those great things, and you can, what is so great about mixing and matching containers is you can actually pull this entire thing out and set it up on the counter when you are getting ready. Then if you notice I am going to pull this out and if you notice there are two compartments within this little caddy back here that are completely empty and that is one thing I wanted to highlight about bathroom organization. A really organized person always has a little bit of room to grow and does not overstuff because if you overstuff you can’t buy anything new. Then over here I have used up every last little bit of space and I put these labeled containers right here, which stack really nicely and you can just open them. Oops, there we go for easy access and there you have it.