Purging Before Organizing your Home

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Learn tips and techniques on how to purge and get rid of the trash in your home before organizing in this free video on home organization. View Video Transcript

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So now that I have assessed the damage here in this messy bathroom and I want to work towards change. So the first thing I need to do is purge and what purge means is get rid of the trash and get rid of anything that you no longer want, whether it means donating it, giving it to a friend or putting it in a recycling bin. So I am going to show you how to do that. Let us take a look at this messy makeup junk drawer and I automatically know that this is going to be trash, because this is no longer sterile so I put that into the trash. That is the way you want to be thinking about when you are purging is it is not getting rid of things that you really, really need, it is getting rid of things to create more space, to love the things that you really like in your life and the things that you really love because creating space creates better energy in your home and a more functional life. You also want to check expiration date so if any medicine is expired that is automatic trash. This is still good, this is trash, trash, and then you also want to think about you know for instance I might not like the way that this lotion smells but it is a perfectly good bottle. No reason to keep something around or if you have got duplicates you know 10 different types of products then you want to pass those on because they are just taking up too much space in your bathroom. So you know if I don’t really like to smell this but I have a good friend, I am going to put this in a New Home because it is going to get a New Home. So you do not need to be thinking about categorizing right now so much as getting rid of trash and getting rid of anything that belongs some place else; such as you know sunglasses do not usually belong in a bathroom and neither does gum so I am going to put these in a New Home category also, same thing with jewelry. And this really needs to be a subjective, I am sorry, an objective process, not subjective because when you agonize over each little choice everything takes a really long time, so try to be a little bit ruthless in the beginning and that is really going to reap all the benefits of an organized bathroom. So that is purging and we move onto the next thing, which is categorizing.