How to Open a Cleaning Business in Florida

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If someone wants to open a cleaning business in Florida, they should first decide if it is going to be commercial or residential. Find a niche and research neighborhoods before opening a cleaning business with advice from the owner of a cleaning service... View Video Transcript

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Right now Florida is a great place to live and opening a business is even a great idea too. I'm Cyn Deer I'm with Three's Company Too and I'm going to teach you a couple of little tricks about opening a business, cleaning business in Florida. Well one of the things you want to do is figure out what kind of cleaning business you want to have, if you want it to be commercial or residential. If you want it to be a carpet cleaning business. Pick your area first. You might want to check out you know what kind of competition you've got out there, what kind of rates they are charging and figure out exactly where your niche will be. Then one of the things you want to do is you want to check with your local city, your local town, to find out what kind of costs it's going to be for either a business license or insurance, those are things you have to check into to make sure that your business is all above board. Then of course you got to go to the advertising portion. There's lots of ways to advertise. There is word of mouth, there's putting your fliers or your brochures out, going door to door or with your, if you are going to a business, type of open cleaning business, you would go from business to business give out your brochure, give out a business card. There's also the internet is a great way to advertise put in a classified ad in your local newspaper. There's lots of ways to get your name out there so people know that you're starting a business that you are doing this cleaning business. Basically you want to be reliable, you want to be good at what you are doing and you want to keep the houses that you are, or the businesses that you are cleaning clean, so that everybody knows that you are the person to go to, to have a clean place. So I'm Cyn Deer and this was how to start your own business, your own cleaning business in Florida and hopefully you have a very good time starting on your business.