How to Use a Dresser in a Closet

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Watch as a professional organizer -- a former project manager on TLC's "Clean Sweep" -- explains how to use a dresser in a closet in this free online video about home organization. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Pete D'Alessandro this is Expert Village. What we're looking at now is drawers cause this closet had no real drawer space and this bedroom has no place for drawers, other than the closet. So this is what we're going to have to do here. This is what we have to use, drawers are the number one way to maximum space in any and all things. We don't loose the depth because we can still access the back cause the drawer pulls out different from a basket or cabinet or anything else. Because the drawer really gives you full depth access and you have way more storage in that than anything else. So drawers, drawers if you are looking for more space this is the number one tip. Use whatever you can these are separated from socks, underwear, t-shirts but it really has to be something that is going to work for us. It should be that everybody has a designated space in the drawers keep them that way that way you don't have to dig for anything to find anything else. You don't want to bury stuff that is the advantage of drawers. It's that they can keep you very very organized, very simply. You really don't have to go in a lot of searching and digging because everything has it's space naturally.